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Sweet 16: The Tops for 2016 Special Report

At last fall’s FIA Expo Chicago, John Lothian News partnered with Cinnober Financial Technology to  bring you industry conversations, where we conduct short interviews with industry participants on the important topics facing the financial markets. The 2015 theme is “Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016.” What technology, regulation, exchange or macroeconomic issue or trend will be most important to our industry next year? We will take the 16 best ideas and thoughts and package them in a John Lothian News video series. Here is what our participants had to say: Part 1 – Exchanges: Exchange leaders will be dealing with…

Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016 – Exchanges Interview,Regulation,Special Report,Video

Exchange leaders will be dealing with big changes at their respective companies in 2016, from launching new competing markets and dealing with new regulation to integrating new data acquisitions to expanding across different time zones. In JLN’s Sweet 16, we spoke with Michael Davie, Terry Duffy, Jeff Sprecher and Rama Pillai about the top exchange priorities for 2016. If we could sum up each gentleman’s answer in two words they would be: Davie – margin efficiency Duffy – regulatory certainty Sprecher – data integration Pillai – remote access And our two words? Please watch.

A Reflection on a Life, Its Influences and the Trading Floor Blog,Commentary

John Lothian

I learned recently a life-long friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  My friend and former Wisconsin neighbor is older than me.  In fact, at one time he was my  babysitter.  As I learned yesterday the CME would shut down most of its futures trading pits, his story came rushing back to me. He was one of the young men from Southern Wisconsin who found a way to the Chicago futures markets in the early 1980s.  He knew many traders from around the lake, just like the CME Group’s Terry Duffy and CQG’s Pat Kenny did. His sister, who is married…