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Jim Kharouf Made a Strong Statement Blog,Commentary,MWEd,Mwiki

Jim Kharouf

FOW-JLN Event Showed His Impact on Program Jim Kharouf made a strong statement with his design, leadership and execution of the FOW-JLN Trading Chicago event on June 28th in collaboration with the FOW team and I hope the industry took notice. The event drew 210 people to talk about the key issues facing money managers, traders, exchanges, clearinghouses, brokers, vendors and the industry. What was special about the co-sponsored event was that the program used many of the items in our toolbox to deliver an interesting, educational, lively and real event. With much help and support from FOW, we featured…

Central bankers fuel volatility in FX and bonds; Millennial investing in derivatives like options and futures; Tech Stocks Hit More Turbulence Than the Rest of the Market Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Bits & Pieces from yesterday’s FOW-JLN Trading Chicago Event: Things ain’t great Spencer Doar – JLN First, if you’ve been in a cave, look at the VIX today – popped to over 15 and has now dropped into the 13 handle. The options panel at the FOW-JLN Trading Chicago Event yesterday was a lively affair. The panel featured moderator Chip Dempsey, OCC SVP and Chief Commercial Officer; Euan Sinclair, partner at Talton Capital Management; Paul Jiganti, MD options business development with IMC; Steve Crutchfield, head of market structure at CTC; and Dash Financial CEO Peter Maragos. Some…

The Event Of The Summer: JLN & FOW Present Trading Chicago Blog,Commentary,Feature,Investing & Trading,Mwiki

The Event Of The Summer: JLN & FOW Present Trading Chicago For the first time in John J. Lothian & Co.’s history, we are partnering with FOW (Global Investor Group) to host our first Trading Chicago event on June 28th. This one-day event is aimed largely at the end-users of the markets: commodity trading advisors, asset managers, hedge funds and proprietary traders. The conference will cover the issues that impact those firms directly – regulation, technology and market structure, with an underlying thread of trading in an age of uncertainty. Of course, there is always uncertainty and this program aims…

Fund industry assets fall for first time in five years; HSBC launches new R&D lab for fintech in Hong Kong; How a Smooth Talker Convinced Bankers to Invest $32 Million, Then Vanished John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Another successful MarketsWiki Education event Spencer Doar – JLN Yesterday, we held our third education event in London, and it went off with nary a hitch. Over the course of three sessions hosted by the London branch of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, young professionals were treated to the insights of some of London’s finest minds in business and finance — plus, John got to give his first talk in the history of the event. We had about 140 registrants. Getting the chance to mingle with these recent graduates and current university students was truly…

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Compilation from John Lothian News Blog,Giving News

When John Lothian was nominated by colleague Doug Ashburn to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he graciously accepted, then issued his challenge to the readership of the John Lothian Newsletter.  Here is an assortment of the videos we have received.

Will Mitting and the London Press Corps Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Blog,Giving News

FOW’s Will Mitting, along with colleague Luke Jeffs, the FT’s Phil Stafford and Financial News’ Tim Cave responded together to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge presented to them by NASDAQ OMX NLX CEO Charlotte Crosswell. Mitting nominated Tom Lant of the CME Group to take the challenge.  Stafford nominated Alasdair Haynes of Aquis Exchange, Jeffs nominted the FT’s Jeremy Grant and Cave nominated WFE’s Nandini Sukumar to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. Here is their video taking the Ice Bucket Challenge:

John Lothian Newsletter: MF Global Criminal Investigation Said to Slow After Quick Start; BME faces threat to Spain dominance; NYSE will gain whatever LCH.Clearnet outcome John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

MF Global investigators reveal the unsurprising news that they are proceeding very slowly after a quick start in the hunt for criminal charges. Spain’s BME exchange is feeling the squeeze from the arrival of BATS Chi-X Europe. NYSE Euronext, whether it wins the LCH.Clearnet race or not, stands to come out well ahead on the deal. More exchanges release monthly volume statistics, and in the top box you’ll find, among other things, links to FOW Magazine’s 30-Year Anniversary issue.

CBOE’s William Brodsky Named FOW Person of the Year Blog

Bill Brodsky

William Brodsky, chief executive of CBOE Holdings, reflects on a remarkable year for the exchange. 2011 has been a remarkable year for William Brodsky and the Chicago Board Options Exchange with the launch of a new exchange, a market beating share price rise and numerous front page interviews and behind the scenes discussions extolling the benefits of the futures and options industry. However, 2011 will be remembered as the year that the exchange’s Volatility Index, the VIX, came of age. Elise Coroneos caught up with the man at the helm of the US’s largest independent derivatives exchange for his take on a…