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LSE’s Rolet quits; Regulators look to shine more light on Treasury market; City closes ranks over Rolet John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Jim Kharouf Resigns as CEO of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.; Will Continue Work with Company in Freelance Role Jim Kharouf is stepping down as CEO of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. at the end of the year after having assumed the role on January 1, 2017. Kharouf is leaving the company as an employee, but will continue to work with John Lothian News and John Lothian Productions as an independent contributor. He will also be exploring his own bespoke initiatives, including in the Fintech sector. Despite accomplishing much during his tenure at the company and…

Index Providers Rule the World; Unknown traders gain influence in commodities; Beijing is Making Its Most Serious Effort Yet to Tackle Its Financial-System Issues John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes The Canadian Annual Derivatives Conference is November 27-29 in Quebec City. Blythe Masters will be a keynote speaker.~JJL Seismic Foundry website is now live.~JJL OPEC’s next meeting is this Thursday. Bantix Technologies, the provider of the Quikstrike options analytics suite, has a blog laying out everything you need to know about the upcoming meeting.~SD Ever wonder when charts became such a standard part of news presentation? Priceonomics has a blog covering the origins of charts and graphs. Scottish political economist William Playfair is credited with creating the modern statistical chart in the late 1700s.~SD Nasdaq…

New Reforms Could Make Banks More Vulnerable; Intercontinental Exchange Announces Agreement to Acquire TMX Atrium from TMX Group; Nex Group: a dude elides John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Bits & Pieces By John J. Lothian We have added Johan Toll of Nasdaq to our March 1 Stockholm MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity event. He will speak about blockchain. Unfortunately, Patrick Thornton-Smith of Duco had a conflict come up and will not be able to present. We hope to get PTS in the fall in London. John Damgard has agreed to speak at our July 21 event in Chicago. We are beginning work on lining up speakers for this summer’s series. Chicago is scheduled for July 17, 19 and 21. New York is set for July 11…

John Lothian Newsletter: SEC to propose money-fund reform next week; LME traders back HKEx’s Asia-centric plans; The SEC’s Play-by-Play of Nasdaq’s Facebook Disaster John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The SEC intends to announce its first ideas for reform in the money market sector next week. Even as the focus for the London Metal Exchange shifts toward Asia and its new parent, traders there are supportive of the new direction. The SEC’s anticipated fine and decision arrives for Nasdaq’s substandard handling of last year’s Facebook IPO.

John Lothian Newsletter: ICE to Launch Index CDS Futures in May; Russell Strikes Exclusive Options Deal With CBOE and NYSE; US and Europe launch derivatives reform John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

IntercontinentalExchange targets May as it’s planned release date for credit-default swap futures. Russell Investments teams up with CBOE and NYSE to create stock index option investment products. New derivative reform rules are slated to take effect this week in both Europe and the USA.

John Lothian Newsletter: ICE Outgrew Futures Rivals in 2012; Curbs to Prevent Stock Volatility May Be Delayed, Bats Says; New rules to help exchanges break brokers’ grip on swaps John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

IntercontinentalExchange outpaced competitors in 2012 in what proved to be a tough year for the industry. BATS Exchange says that new systems to curb excess volatility in stocks may arrive a couple of months later than the original estimate. Swaps brokers face heavy competition from exchanges in 2013 as the US swaps market is scheduled to open up for more players.

John Lothian Newsletter: CFTC temporarily narrowing US persons definition for swaps; EU Deal Reached on Bank Supervisor; Thomson Reuters seeks to run new Libor John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The CFTC agrees to back away from setting global swap rules, and will (so far) temporarily redefine new regulations to target US participants. After months of noise and other things commonly associated with elephants, the EU arrives at an agreementto consolidate eurozone banking control (mostly) under a single supervisor. Thomson Reuters joins the LIBOR Derby with a bid to take over administration of setting the international lending rate. In First Read today, check out the new interview with CME Group’s Sean Tully, who talks with JLN’s Doug Ashburn about the company’s new interest rate swap futures contract.

John Lothian Newsletter: BATS Sweetens Terms for Individuals Trading Stocks; CME rival says regulator’s swap rule change disruptive; Exchanges protest over margin rules John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

BATS Global Markets gets regulatory approval to offer pricing incentives to individuals who trade stocks. The DTCC, locked in a battle with CME Group and the CFTC over swap data reporting, takes issue with this week’s CFTC decision to pull back under pressure from CME Group. Around the world, global reform has exchanges under pressure, and claims are made that increased regulation will lead to increased costs, threatening income during a time when trading volume is already significantly lower.

John Lothian Newsletter: Nasdaq Opens Danish Bond Exchange in Loan Drought; CFTC to Appeal Ruling Rejecting Dodd-Frank Trading Limits; ICAP closes a US trading division John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Nasdaq rolls back the tarp on a new trading platform in the hopes of matching investors to Scandinavian bonds. The CFTC votes to appeal the recent court decision rejecting its position limit proposal. Broker ICAP decides to shut down NYSE floor trading operations as it works to weather the global low-volume storm. If you haven’t already, take a look at JLN’s first video in the new Restoring Customer Confidence series, as Ron Filler of New York Law School examines how gross margining can improve the risk to customer accounts.