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Spoofing: The Need for Regulatory Clarity Feature,Video,video

“You don’t want to get caught doing something that you thought was legal, but somehow it has wandered into the grey zone, somebody’s taken a dislike to you, and then they throw the book at you three years afterwards.” In this video, Alex Lamb, The Technancial Company’s head of marketing and business development Americas, discusses the problems with identifying and preventing manipulative trading practices.   Produced by Mike Forrester    

Rethinking Risk Management Feature,Video,video

In times of ever changing catalysts, technologies and threats, how ought we to think about risk management? In this video, Alex Lamb, head of marketing and business development with The Technancial Company, and Keith Todd, executive chairman and CEO of KRM22, discuss how industry participants are grappling with new risk frameworks.   Produced by Mike Forrester    

Cyber Security: If You Are Not Compliant, You Are Not Secure Blockchain,CryptoMarkets,Feature

If there is one phrase dreaded by all types of businesses in the US, it has to be “government regulation.”  So it was surprising to hear nearly all the speakers at the 2018 Global Cyber Security Initiative meeting last Friday agree that what their industry really needs is more regulation.  That almost unbelievable claim does come with a number of caveats, however.   The afternoon session began with Dr. Sujeet Shenoi, F.P. Walter Professor of Computer Science at the University of Tulsa, who scared the crowd with stories of just how vulnerable our cyber-infrastructure is.  This point has been made…

Crypto Origin Stories: How’d You Hear About It? Feature,Video,video

No one has been in the cryptocurrency field for all that long, as Satoshi’s famous white paper is only 10 years old.  In this video, Bcause Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Flake, Coinigy CFO and Director of Business Development Derek Urben, and Hehmeyer Trading + Investments CEO Chris Hehmeyer, talk about their first memories of cryptocurrencies.    Produced by Mike Forrester

A Comprehensive Crypto Outlook: Pain, Progress and Metaphors CryptoMarkets,Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

It’s been 10 years and crypto – despite all of the debates and naysaying – is still here. In this video, Bcause Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Flake, Coinigy CFO and Director of Business Development Derek Urben, and Hehmeyer Trading + Investments CEO Chris Hehmeyer, talk about culling the crypto herd, mining hardware, scary practices, and institutional money in the space.  Produced by Mike Forrester  

Bringing Nasdaq’s Derivatives Franchises Together Blog,Feature

Kevin Kennedy now has two jobs. Formerly just the head of U.S. options for Nasdaq, he’s now also the head of the Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX), a post left open by the departure of Rick Beaman.   Kennedy inherits a still nascent endeavor – it was formed in 2015 – that is largely focused on energy products. Despite its youth, NFX has hit some home runs. NFX’s natural gas options have plenty of traction and the exchange’s open interest in energy products represents 11.5 percent of overall U.S. energy product open interest. The challenge now is to grow NFX’s participatory…

Global Cyber Security Initiative Addresses $1.5 Trillion Issue Feature,Video,video

The Global Cyber Security Initiative will be holding a conference on November 9, 2019 at the Kent School of Law at IIT in Chicago. Leaders from across the industry will come together to address the threats facing the financial community. In this video, Mike Phillips, founding partner of VSEC LLC, and Stelios Valavanis, CEO of onShore Security, tell you why you should attend and what to expect at this conference. Tickets via EventBrite here.   Produced by Mike Forrester    

What’s Up With the Next Gen of Traders? Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

The old way to learn the trading ropes – via open outcry pits – is nearly nonexistent. So where is the next generation of traders going to come from? What is going to attract interest and enable these newbies to enter the markets? In this compilation video from FIA Expo, Cboe Global Markets Chairman of the Board and CEO Ed Tilly, YCharts President and CEO Sean Brown, and CQG Senior Vice President of Client Relations Pat Kenny discuss what is going to help attract fresh talent to the trading industry.   Produced by Mike Forrester

Guess Who’s Back (Office)? Reimagining the Trade Life Cycle Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

In this compilation video from FIA Expo, Minium CEO Patrick Tessier, Fidessa Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Derivatives Justin Llewellyn-Jones, and Eventus Systems CEO Travis Schwab talk about automating the trading life cycle and what streamlining that workflow means for the future.   Produced by Mike Forrester