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Nandini Sukumar Explains the WFE’s Mission and Vision Feature,MWEd,Video,video

Nandini Sukumar took the reins as CEO of the World Federation of Exchanges in 2015. Under her leadership, the 57-year-old organization has been revitalized and its membership now represents more than 200 market infrastructure providers. She spoke with JLN’s Jim Kharouf about how WFE approaches key issues facing exchanges, clearing houses and other market participants. She said one of the organization’s main points of focus, now 10 years since the 2008 financial crisis, is maintaining trust in the exchange space. Produced by Mike Forrester    

Lee Hodgkinson, Euronext – Lessons from the 4-Minute Mile video

“Everything is possible; nothing is easy.” Roger Bannister, Clarence “Captain” Birdseye and Fedex founder Fred Smith all have one thing in common – they each proved that something previously declared “impossible” was not impossible, just really difficult. Whether it is the 4-minute mile, flash-frozen vegetables or getting a package delivered “absolutely, positively, anywhere overnight,” it can be done, says Euronext UK CEO Lee Hodgkinson in this MarketsWiki Education talk. He says that achieving the impossible requires focus, persistence and determination. Nothing is impossible, says Hodgkinson, except running slowly while moving your arms really fast, and trying to eat three donuts…

The Life of SCI: John Rapa Looks at the SEC’s Reg SCI Interview,Regulation,Video

After several high-profile market disturbances, from the 2010 “flash crash” to the Knight Capital algorithmic meltdown in 2012, the SEC considered a new set of rules to tighten up system compliance and integrity. The rules, known collectively as “Reg SCI” became effective in February 2015. John Rapa, president and CEO of Tellefsen & Company and a 30-year veteran consultant to exchange market structure, walks us through the new rules and what they mean for exchanges, dark pools and market participants. “It’s making mandatory what’s been voluntary up to now,” says Rapa. “Identification of mission-critical systems, testing processes, procedures, and testing…

John Lothian Newsletter: Credit Suisse Seeks to Run Exchange; Nine more banks added to Libor probe; Private investors optimistic for economic recovery John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Credit Suisse angles to convert one of its trading platforms into an exchange, in a bid to create the first US exchange owned entirely by a bank. The LIBOR investigation isn’t going away; it’s getting bigger, as nine more banks are added to the list of companies suspected of manipulating the now-disgraced benchmark rate. On a positive note, a recent investor survey reveals that a significant majority of those polled are expecting better times to arrive within the next year. In First Read today, Jim Kharouf revisits the ever-on-dragging Hehmeyer vs. Alaron dispute, and notes that it appears to have…