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Corporate bond trading at MarketAxess reaches record high; ICE says being asked to shift operations from London to continent; SEC working ‘diligently’ on plan to test lower exchange fees John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Did you know? Jim Kharouf & Spencer Doar – JLN Moscow, OneChicago, MexDer, Fear Gauge and Trump Street with an Irish twist. No, they are not connected. One of the interesting things about updating annual volume figures on our MarketsWiki site is the snapshot of how a particular exchange has been doing over a number of years. The FIA Annual Volume Survey shows a couple of unusual suspects in the top 5 in 2016 with the National Stock Exchange of India coming in second and the Moscow Exchange at number four in terms of derivatives volumes. At the…

Post-Bitcoin Technology Has Geeks, Giants, and Hackers Excited; Acting SEC chair plans test to lower exchange fees; Cowen Group in talks to buy brokerage Convergex John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Bits & Pieces By John J. Lothian John Lothian News has learned that OCC President and COO Mike McClain has resigned and left the organization. His last day was two days ago when the OCC held a goodbye event in Chicago. The official narrative is that he left for personal reasons, including the continued attention to his wife, who is battling illness. Other sources have cited the high turnover the OCC has seen in recent years and some of the pressures at the core of that for McClain’s departure. McClain had been with the OCC for 15 years…

Steve Crutchfield – NYSE Amex Interview,Options,Video

JLN Options editor Sarah Rudolph spoke to Steve Crutchfield, CEO of the options business at NYSE Amex, about the 2012 Security Traders Association of Chicago (STAC) Conference and upcoming trends impacting the options market. Crutchfield, who spoke on a STAC panel titled “Cross Product Exchange Leadership,” discussed the Volcker rule and its effect on options, as well as trends in options volumes for 2012. Visit the NYSE Amex website. To see the agenda from this most recent STAC conference, click here.