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John Lothian Newsletter: Asia hits out at US swaps reform plans; Hedge-Fund Marketing Could Begin New Era as SEC Set for Proposal; Monti Tries to Nudge Germany to Back E.C.B. John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Regulators in Asia don’t appreciate the US’s effort to extend its financial rules beyond the country’s borders, continuing to tangle the international regulatory ball of yarn.  Hedge funds gear up to begin public marketing given new rules from the SEC that allow the practice.  Mario Monti of Italy elbows his compatriot heads of Eurozone state in an effort to convince them to let the ECB take on more government debt. Today’s First Read section features commentary in the JLN Forex box from roving JLN editor Doug Ashburn, who resigns himself to the prospect of an upcoming session of Kick the…

Korea Exchange’s Jae-Joon Lim Discusses OTC Clearing and Kospi Contracts Financials,Interview,Video

Jae-Joon Lim

Jae-Joon Lim is director, business development at Korea Exchange, home of the most traded contract in the world, the Kospi futures and options. At the 2012 Emerging Manager Forum in London, Lim discussed the Kospi, as well as OTC clearing of Korean yun denominated interest rate swaps, due to launch this fall. Interview by John Lothian News editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf.

John Lothian Newsletter: Financial News: Jones To Leave In NYSE Euronext Revamp -Sources; Stock Exchanges Aim New Flash-Crash Fixes For February Launch John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

It was announced that Garry Jones, global head of derivatives at NYSE Euronext will step down following a management restructure at the U.S.-headquartered exchange. Meantime, U.S. stock-exchange operators said they plan to roll out a new system in February designed to shield investors from massive price swings.

Guest Commentary: CME Group knows location matters… Commentary


Guest Commentary By Jim Ginsburg: Last week in this newsletter, Messrs. Lothian and Kharouf argued the merits of CME Group’s sale of its iconic real estate holdings at the foot of LaSalle Street.  At issue was whether CME should deploy its capital on real estate.  Mr. Lothian says “buy real estate, not sell it.”  Mr. Kharouf retorts: “CME isn’t a real estate company.”  However, if one paid close attention to CME’s earnings presentation two weeks ago, they would have discovered that CME is a real estate company and it owns some “trophy” properties other than 141 West Jackson. A decade…

John Lothian Newsletter: CBOE Holdings, Inc. Announces Reorganization and Names New Officers; Eurex Futures Exchange Gets New Trading System; Brokers suspended in Libor inquiry John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CBOE Holdings provides details of a major internal reorganization of management roles. Eurex announces that since it won’t be merging with NYSE-Euronext, it will replace its trading engine at the end of 2012. The Libor price-fixing investigation continues, and brokers in London and Asia are suspended or fired as the inquiry deepens. In a fully-packed top box today, John Lothian shines a spotlight on MarketsReformWiki; he also takes aim at CME Group’s plans to sell the CBOT Building; Nicole Rohr has a piece about the upcoming Futures For Kids charity walk; and Sarah Rudolph provides a JLN Options interview with…

JLN Special Report: January 2012 Volumes Down Environmental/Energy,Financials,Managed Futures,Metals,Options,Regulation,Special Report,Tech / HFT

Jim Kharouf

On Your CalendarA little over a month ago, I asked an exchange executive about falling volumes in the options space, to which he said. “January is going to tell us a lot.” January’s message to the options industry wasn’t kind. Most exchanges are reporting lower volumes for the month. Some may call it an off month, but given a host of events that have hit the financial markets – futures, options, stocks and currencies – January may be a harbinger for a rough 2012. CNBC’s Bob Pisani wrote a good story about equity market volume drops and its causes. He pointed out…

Jim Falvey – Derivatives Attorney Interview,Regulation,Video

Jim Falvey has been an attorney in the exchange and FCM space for over 15 years. He has served as general counsel of Eurex US and IntercontinentalExchange, as assistant general counsel for CME Group and, most recently, as general counsel and corporate secretary of R.J. O’Brien & Associates. He also sits on the advisory board of CMDirect, a web-based commodity trading platform. John Lothian News editor-at-large Doug Ashburn spoke with Falvey about the MF Global bankruptcy, the Volcker Rule, protection of segregated funds, conflicts of interest, and other compliance issues related to the Dodd-Frank Act.

The ICE-man cometh Commentary

Jim Kharouf

(The first time something like this happened John was away. This time, John is away on a trip. This goes to show that the world turns, even when John is away or as I see it, it turns more meaningfully when Jon Matte and I are running the newsletter.) I doubled checked with ICE to make sure this wasn’t some kind of elaborate Jeff Sprecher April Fools joke. If this bid from ICE and Nasdaq for NYSE Euronext succeeds, ICE could pull off the biggest deal and perhaps one of the best deals in exchange history. ICE’s portion would mean…