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Cattle Call: CME Group’s David Lehman Explains Changes to Cattle Contract Specs Interview,Video

Futures markets exist primarily as a risk management tool for participants. As such, a futures contract is most effective if and when it reflects the fundamentals in the underlying cash market. On August 5, 2016, CME Group announced several changes to its live cattle futures contracts to do just that. John Lothian News spoke with Dave Lehman, managing director of commodity research and product development at CME Group, about the changes which, pending CFTC approval, will go into effect later in August 2016.  “We are going to be applying a seasonal discount at Worthing, SD, one of our delivery points, of  $1.50…

JLN Environmental/Energy: Analysis: Foes of Obama climate policy prepare battle over cost of carbon; European Wind Market to Shrink for 2 Years, Make Says; Citigroup and GE Finance Pattern Energy Texas Wind Farm Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, political coverage in a Reuters piece on the economic and climate tie-in. Bloomberg, meanwhile, has: Coal Foe Named to FERC Is Latest Obama Pick Drawing Ire. In the carbon space, Allianz Mulls Carbon Credit Expansion After Indonesia Investment.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Lignite power revenues boosted by cheap carbon prices; Mexico opens up its energy sector; Oil-Sands Industry Turns to Algae to Appease Obama Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, a focus on California in the Leads section, including Effects of climate change in California are significant and growing from the LA Times. Elsewhere, China to spend more to tackle dire pollution from The Times of India. And, Coalition may buy overseas carbon permits in Financial Review.

JLN Environmental/Energy: China’s Spending on Renewable Energy May Total 1.8 Trillion Yuan; New EPA chief takes on critics of U.S. agency’s policies; Carbon neutral growth for aviation – At what price? Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, coverage of the carbon markets is found in Carbon neutral growth for aviation – At what price? fromBloomberg New Energy Finance and UN to open carbon market offices in Bogota and Manila from the blog Responding to Climate Change. From the political realm, Republicans May Make Keystone a Budget Issue, Ryan Says.

JLN Environmental/Energy: U.S. court says biofuel producers must face carbon emissions rules; Rudd Seeks to Ditch Carbon Tax With Eye on Election Campaign; India Plans to Allow Coal India to Produce Natural Gas Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, a link to the U.S. Energy Department report U.S. Energy Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Extreme Weather and news coverage of its findings, from The New York Times and USA Today. And from Australia, Rudd Seeks to Ditch Carbon Tax With Eye on Election Campaign.

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU carbon market expects narrow win in crucial rescue vote; Japan, Vietnam sign carbon offset market deal; The Looming Water Crisis Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, market coverage in Reuters’ EU carbon market expects narrow win in crucial rescue vote and Point Carbon’s Japan, Vietnam sign carbon offset market deal. And an interesting analysis piece from The FT covering Norwegian’s provocative plan to curb climate change wins EU prize.

JLN Environmental/Energy: World’s Highest Carbon Price Bedevils Australia’s New Leader; Ship owners will have to count CO2 emissions under EU plan; China Raises Natural-Gas Prices Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, follow-up analysis to Australia’s leadership change and the future of its carbon market, in Bloomberg’s “World’s Highest Carbon Price Bedevils Australia’s New Leader” and “Business ticks carbon trading option” from The Age. And in Washington developments: Obama taps Ron Binz to lead energy regulatory body and Kerry Proposes U.S.-India Push on Carbon and Climate.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Funds warn EU energy policy is not investment friendly; China’s Sinovel Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets; U.N. climate chief welcomes Obama plan, wants U.S. energy czar Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, a feature from Ecosystem Marketplace about U.S. regional and state carbon markets in the wake of Obama’s latest moves. And more on Australian carbon markets versus tax in the wake of leadership change there. Plus, global trade wars, solar power, and espionage mystique collide in China’s Sinovel Charged With Stealing Trade Secrets.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Obama’s ambitious new plan to fight climate change; Samsung Reduces Ontario Renewable-Energy Pledge by $1.9 Billion; UN: Businesses must prepare for a changing climate Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, our Leads section begins with coverage of Pres. Obama’s comments on climate in Europe and White House efforts to toughen emissions limits on power plants. Plus, Offshore Wind May Become Key to Japan’s Energy Mix, Vestas Says. And, a Christian Science Monitor feature Israel has struck energy gold offshore. Now what?