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Finding Opportunity: Peter Lenardos, CFO, Cinnober Says Growth and Profitability Are Coming Blog,Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Feature

Cinnober has built its reputation in the industry as a pioneer and an opportunistic company that looks for new ways to address market needs. So in many ways it was not surprising the firm hired Peter Lenardos as its new CFO two weeks ago. With his background in investment research at Royal Bank of Canada and elsewhere, he has watched the industry from a specific lens that focuses on the financial condition of a company, as well as its strategic positioning.  When he got the call from Cinnober’s CEO Veronica Augustsson, he was ready to bring a different approach to…

Brexit’s Influence on Global Markets Feature,Mwiki,Video,video

MiFID II was more than 20,000 pages with 21 million paragraphs of regulation. Considering its scope, things have gone rather smoothly since it went into effect in January. But for Simon Puleston Jones, FIA’s head of Europe, there is no time to rest on the laurels of a successful implementation with Brexit looming.  Brexit cuts across all the other issues on FIA’s plate in Europe. One aspect of MiFID II left unresolved is equivalence assessments, which are impacted by Brexit. The Emir review this year, with its third party clearing components, is impacted by Brexit. (It makes sense the FIA…

Shortwave trading; Robinhood’s $2b a day options biz; Mammoth bond wager Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight A little-known business at Robinhood has exploded, and now it’s launching a service to go after the most serious traders Frank Chaparro – Business Insider Prime (SUBSCRIPTION) Robinhood’s options-trading business is exploding, according to Chris O’Neil, a product manager at the California broker. Now the firm, which says it has seen $2 billion in options-trading volumes since launch, is upping the ante with the rollout of multileg options. The move shows the company is seriously going after the business of more experienced traders, says Devin Ryan, an analyst at JMP Securities / ****SD: First of all, not…

Regulatory Preparedness: Are We There Yet? Feature,Video,video

“The nature of what firms want to buy in this space has changed dramatically. They don’t want an integration project, they don’t want a problem.  They are really looking for suppliers who can deliver everything in one place — kind of a one stop shop. Trade once, report it everywhere is the ideal.”  – Collin Coleman, CEO of Abide Financial As MiFID II implementation looms, firms can take some solace in knowing the general pathway forward, though there are still Q & A’s floating around and standards yet to be released. In this video, Christian Voigt, senior regulatory adviser with…

The Voice: Green Key Technologies Is Turning Your Brokerage Voice Into Valuable Data; CEO Christensen Says Voice Brokerage Is Far From Dead, And The Conversations Gleaned Could Be Transformational For Firms Exchanges, OTC & Clearing,Feature,Interview,Mwiki,ReformWiki,Regulation,Regulation & Enforcement,Tech / HFT,Video

In today’s financial markets, the conversation is most often about electronic trading, high frequency trading, complex orders via algorithms and so forth. Yet, for the $492 trillion global OTC derivatives markets as well as block and listed markets, firms still conduct business over the phone, person-to-person, a practice which is now availing itself to new technology in compelling ways. Paul Christensen, who started as CEO of Green Key Technologies in March, told John Lothian News that phone transactions for certain markets is “a much higher quality way of communicating.” As such, technology firms are seeking ways to harness the value…

John Lothian Newsletter: ICE kicks off Asian commodity futures hub; MGEX Completes Best Month in Exchange History; European swaps clearing dates welcomed John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read A Reflection on a Life, Its Influences and the Trading Floor John Lothian – JLN – Published February 5, 2015 I learned recently a lifelong friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My friend and former Wisconsin neighbor is older than me. In fact, at one time he was my babysitter. As I learned yesterday the CME would shut down most of its futures trading pits, his story came rushing back to me. ***** My friend Warren “Boycie” McNeil passed away yesterday. He was so full of life while he was with us and shall never be forgotten….

Reg Roadmap: European Regulation Winding Its Way Forward Regulation,Special Report

The European regulatory overhaul has been long and winding as industry participants grapple with three major initiatives simultaneously: EMIR, MIFID II and Basel 3, just to name a few. Even with the recent delay of MIFID II standards to September, regulatory experts say there is progress on some key areas, including an ongoing effort by US and EU regulators to find common ground on key sticking points, such as margin rule differences. Scroll through to view the full story with photos and video, or click here for the full layout.

Brand New: LME’s Jones Says Exchange Is Set For Growth, 2 Ways Interview,Regulation,Tech / HFT,Video

London Metal Exchange had quite a year in 2014. From its integration into the Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing, launching its own clearinghouse, and addressing the metals warehousing problems, LME has the pieces in place for expansion. Garry Jones, CEO of the LME spoke with John Lothian News about the exchange’s focus on China and the potential for new products in the coming months. LME launched its own clearing house last September and has brought its technology in-house, under the HKFE. All of that has added staff to LME, tripling its payroll over the past three years, as well as…

SDR 2.0: CME Group’s Jonathan Thursby Looks at the Future of Swap Data Repositories Regulation,Video

Over the past 18 months, the OTC derivatives world began mandatory reporting into trade repositories. Now that we have had some time to work through the logistics, it is time for a rethink. Jonathan Thursby, Global Head of CME Repository Services, says the CFTC and global regulators are looking at revisions to the rules, and he lays out his wish list for a new and improved framework. “We started out with ‘one-size-fits-all’ for both the cleared and non-cleared markets, and there is a recognition that you need different types of reporting structures for different types of clearing structures,” says Thursby….