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Germination And Emergence: Allison Yacker on Emerging Manager Seeding Arrangements Interview,Regulation,Video

In the trading space, much like the rest of the world, some of the best ideas and strategies come from emerging managers, or the “new kids on the block.” The trick is finding the right right win-win partnership to help get them on their way. Today, it is the large managed funds that control most of the assets. A recent study from hedge fund research firm Preqin shows that big funds – those with over a billion under management, manage more than 90 percent of the assets. And last year, the hedge fund space had $3.2 trillion assets under management,…

Spelling It Out: Esther Goodman’s Tips For Emerging Managers Interview,Managed Futures,Video

When Esther and Marc Goodman took time off after departing Kenmar Group, the couple decided they wanted to help funds and managers grow their businesses. The Goodmans started Conyers Group, and now serve as directors for some funds, work with emerging managers and are also seeking to add their expertise to 40-act funds. Esther Goodman, who spoke with John Lothian News editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf, said the potential for emerging managers is very positive – discretionary or technical – as long as they can differentiate themselves from the pack. “I think the future is very bright for small managers, niche players,…

The A,B,C’s: Ian Morley’s Tips for Emerging Managers Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Emerging managers have always faced challenges getting their firms off the ground. From establishing a track record to building the infrastructure needed to grow, firms are now faced with a new regulatory regime in the US and Europe that puts additional hurdles in their way. Ian Morley, chairman of Wentworth Hall Consultancy in London spoke with Jim Kharouf, editor-in-chief of John Lothian News at the Emerging Manager Forum in Miami in December about the challenges that emerging managers funds face today. He said that Dodd-Frank and European rules have made compliance and reporting more onerous on managed futures firms and…

Emerging Opportunity: Silvercrest’s Mike Dubin on Matching Small Funds with Large Investors Managed Futures,Video

Mike Dubin

The managed futures space continued to struggle to post enticing returns in 2013, but Silvercrest Asset Management’s Mike Dubin says that has not kept his firm from looking for emerging manager talent in the space. Dubin, who spoke at the Emerging Manager Forum in Miami in December, says the research shows that smaller emerging managers have continued to outpace larger funds by 2 percent to 4 percent per annum. There have been a number of studies which have concluded that smaller funds posting nice returns tend to perform poorly going forward when they have large pools of capital to manage…

JLN Managed Futures: Our Interview with Jack Schwager of ‘Market Wizards’ Fame; Horizon’s Emerging Manager Fund Cash Account; Observations on the death of trend following Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations – Statistics – Commentary In the current issue of JLN Managed Futures, Horizon Cash Management launches a custodial solution for the under-$10 million crowd, the death of trend following is highly exaggerated, and despite the pullback in commodity fund performance, new funds are still being launched.  Up first, though, is our interview with Jack Schwager, author of the “Market Wizards” book series and portfolio manager with ADM Investor Services.

JLN Managed Futures: Managed Futures 2012 Performance: Strategy Breakdown; CTAs stay true to the trend; Momentum Strategies in Futures Markets and Trend-following Funds Managed Futures,Newsletter

It is mid-January, and the “winter blues” have set in. Temperatures have dipped well below freezing, friends and colleagues have succumbed to the nasty flu making the rounds and, worst of all, 2012 performance numbers have come in for the alternative investment sector. To put it mildly, we’ve had better years. But, as always, there are bright spots. Assets continue to grow. Emerging managers and new products are still attracting new interest. Besides, periods of underperformance are part of the non-correlation formula. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Todd Fulton of Pioneer Futures on CTA Fees, Capacity Caps and Managed Futures Mutual Funds (Part 2/2) Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Todd Fulton

Todd Fulton, vice president, managed futures at Pioneer Futures, has been around the CTA space for more than 20 years. In Part 2 of our conversation,  he spoke with JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf about emerging managers’ impact on the managed futures space as well as the effect of capacity caps have on various funds. He also  discussed how flexible CTAs can be on fees. Fulton says some clients can get ‘zero and 25’ fee structures. And he discussed the potential for managed futures mutual funds, the plusses and questions that still remain for that product. Also see: Todd…

JLN Managed Futures: Todd Fulton discusses emerging CTAs; Futures industry working to increase customer protection; More than 85% of fund managers unprepared for regulatory change Managed Futures,Newsletter

This issue of JLN Managed Futures comes just as the FIA is concluding its annual Chicago Expo. It has been a strange conference, with Hurricane Sandy preventing more than a few attendees, exhibitors, panelists, and even the industry’s top regulator from making the trip. But, as they say, the show must go on. In other news, the one-year anniversary of the MF Global bankruptcy figured prominently in news stories and conference panels. Upwards of 85 percent of fund managers are not prepared for the sea of regulatory change. And, a Forbes article describes how NOT to run a hedge fund….

Todd Fulton of Pioneer Futures on What Investors Want in Emerging Managers (Part 1/2) Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Todd Fulton, Vice President, Managed Futures at Pioneer Futures, has been around the CTA space for more than 20 years. He spoke with JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf about just what it is that attracts investors to emerging CTAs, why he isn’t sold on Sharpe ratios, what fees really are and the future for managed futures. Also see: Todd Fulton of Pioneer Futures on CTA Fees, Capacity Caps and Managed Futures Mutual Funds (Part 2/2)