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Cash and Futures in Bitcoin Are a Different Story Blog,Commentary,Feature,Mwiki

The high margins charged by the CME and Cboe for bitcoin futures, and the additional margins required by the futures commission merchants to trade the products, have turned the normal dynamics of futures trading versus cash trading upside down. With the CME charging 47 percent margins, and some firms charging double margins on bitcoin futures, the cost of trading is nearly 100 percent of the underlying contract value. Normally futures contracts allow traders to control higher notionally valued contracts for much lower margin amounts. Margins of 3 percent to 10 percent are the norm, depending on the commodity or instrument…

David Downey Stands Apart Commentary,Regulation

John Lothian

David Downey is as pugnacious as he is passionate. He has battled and won, retired, and come back to battle again. Current CEO of OneChicago, he is a man on a mission to bring understanding and respect for OneChicago and its products. It is a fight he believes in and one he does not plan on leaving unfinished. I first met Downey on the Internet back in its Wild West days. I interacted with him on the same online venues where I came across Jon Matte, now COO of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. and assistant editor of this…

Mark Esposito of OneChicago Discusses Their NoDivRisk (“1D”) Single Stock Futures Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Mark Esposito, a 25-year trading veteran on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), is the managing director, business development at OneChicago. John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn spoke with Esposito about OneChicago’s NoDivRisk (“1D”) Single Stock Futures products and how commodity trading advisors and managed futures funds can use them.

Gold: Deliver Me This Commentary,Metals

John Lothian

There is a problem in the gold market. The problem was outlined yesterday in a Wall Street Journal story about how HSBC was getting rid of retail clients and their small holdings of gold. Given the interest in the precious yellow metal, HSBC figures it can make more money dealing with bigger clients. The problem is actually not new, but it makes a good story. As a futures broker, I have and have had clients who want to take delivery of gold. Before gold took off on this rally, not too many brokers really wanted to deal with this kind of…