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John Lothian

We’ve created a list of the five most influential stories of 2011 for each of our newsletters, as well as from MarketsReformWiki, to help define what was a very eventful year across almost every market and industry sector. The year was punctuated by one major story inside another. The bankruptcy of MF Global, which requires its own top five list, became tied to another top story, the European sovereign debt crisis sequel – Greece and Italy. Of course, the downgrade of U.S. debt in August and assorted European states raised the ire of politicians and regulators who called for more…

Surviving earthquake, living in tents, New Zealand’s unfazed hedge fund managers outperform global peers Blog

From Matthias Knab of Opalesque: Three weeks after the 6.3 earthquake that struck Christchurch, Opalesque founder Matthias Knab flew to Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand for the Opalesque 2011 New Zealand Roundtable. Four of the participants joined the Roundtable from Christchurch on the Southern Island. One of them was still affected from […]