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Carolyn Leonard – Women In Finance Blog,Feature,Interview,Video,video

  ” I had brokers with very large decks telling me to my face that they’ve never traded with a woman, they weren’t going to trade with me and that I shouldn’t take it personally… A lot of those same guys became awesome friends, but we had a real rocky start.” In this profile video from John Lothian News, Carolyn Leonard recalls her journey through the volatile world of trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange beginning in the late ’70s. Leonard started trading after a divorce, with two young children in tow and in need of a fresh start….

Cost of Protecting Against Market Swings Is at Its Highest Ever; DRW’s Don Wilson bets on a return to market volatility; Managing Duplicate Reporting Under CAT Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Cost of Protecting Against Market Swings Is at Its Highest Ever Cecile Vannucci – Bloomberg While the CBOE Volatility Index declined last week, the cost of protecting against large market swings has surpassed a peak hit following the Brexit vote, reaching a fresh all-time high. ****SD: Aka, so quit talking about a low VIX. DRW’s Don Wilson bets on a return to market volatility Gregory Meyer and Philip Stafford – Financial Times Don Wilson says his company is “in the business of taking risk”. DRW, named after his initials, is one of the world’s largest proprietary trading…

Smart Money, Smart Women: What Successful Women Say About The Possibilities Blog

Women have come a long way in the financial sphere. As recently as 1989, when Ilyce Glink, the founder and president of Think Glink Media, went with her husband to a bank to apply for a mortgage, the banker they spoke with – a woman – told her there was no need for her to put her own income on the form. “Oh honey, your income doesn’t really matter. We’ll use your husband’s,” the banker said. Glink was then – and is now – a self-employed woman who bought shares of Intel and “a small company called Microsoft” in 1987. …