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At Trading Chicago presented by FOW and John Lothian News, Brian Peterson, partner at DV Trading, gave a TED-style talk about machine learning. It’s quite the buzzword of late and Peterson delineates how it is different from other related fields and what it can bring to your trading toolbox.

Senate panel votes to advance CFTC chairman nomination; CFTC reaches first non-prosecution deal with ex-Citigroup traders; TP ICAP reshuffles senior management John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Identifying Problems And Solutions By Jim Kharouf, JLN At the FIA IDX conference in London earlier this month, the second day of the event concentrated heavily on post-trade issues and trends. We spoke with six executives from firms that are focused on the problems and solutions in that space. Take a look at the two short videos below to hear what they said about each question. The post-trade arena has fast become one of the most competitive sectors in recent years with new firms jumping into the space and incumbents launching new platforms. In April, we wrote about…

Goldman-Backed High-Speed Trading Network Sold for $39.5 Million; The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.; HFT – Not so flashy anymore John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Eurex CEO Sees Plenty of Structural Growth Potential “We also see a lot of structural growth potential… If we look at the equity index complex, there is a clear trend of many asset managers moving to passive investment structures. We see that … on the derivatives side [adding] new liquidity pools to global index families.” Thomas Book, CEO of Eurex Frankfurt AG and Eurex Zurich AG, believes the exchange can take advantage of the opportunities presented by a changing European landscape. Low interest rates for a long time equated to low interest in Eurex’s fixed income offerings…

HFT – Not so flashy anymore; Vicious VIX; JPM Head Quant Warns Of “Catastrophic Losses” For Short Vol Strategies Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight An Excerpt of Note Spencer Doar – JLN I am re-reading “Liar’s Poker” because…I don’t really know why — maybe it’s just summer instinct with all these reading lists floating around. Anyway, about a quarter of the way in, there’s a notable anecdote from Michael Lewis’ training program at Salomon: “‘When you trade equity options,’ asked my friend Franky, ‘do you hedge your gamma and theta or just your delta? And if you don’t hedge your gamma and theta, why not?’ The equity options specialist nodded for about ten seconds. I’m not sure he even understood the…