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John Lothian Newsletter: Financial PR spins a new global story; Markit acquires interest in commodities price reporting agency PRIMA; Innovation chief Bradley departs Eurex John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read The Economy Is Rigged, and Other Presidential Campaign MythsBy N. GREGORY MANKIW – NY TimesIf you want to learn about the economy, there are good and bad places to go. Probably the worst source of reliable information is the current crop of presidential candidates. Dissembling and exaggeration are no strangers to politics, but this year’s campaigns have been particularly ***** There used to be lies, damn lies and statistics. Now there are just damn lies. ++++ CHX Confirms SNAP Auction Starting DateBusiness WireThe Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) confirmed that May 13 is the date it will introduce…

Kevin Powers, director of sales, North America at FastMarkets Interview,Metals

Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers recently joined FastMarkets as its director of sales, North America. FastMarkets provides reporting and analysis of the metals markets and broadcasts from the floor of the London Metal Exchange every day. Their web site is  He recently spoke with JLN Metals editor Sarah Rudolph about the company’s offerings, his new role, and the road he took to end up there. Q:  Tell us about your background. You were with DTN, which was bought by Telvent, which was bought by Schneider Electric, the parent for FastMarkets? A: Yes, there were several takeovers. We had to keep changing shirts, pens…