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Foreign exchange trading; “Same as it ever was”. A market ripe for disruption Blog,Commentary,Financials

Ray McKenzie

When I first began trading FX in the age when dinosaurs roamed the earth, spot was traded through brokers and once in a while on the Reuters dealing system or via Telex. And of course direct over the phone. It took much prodding, begging and pleading to convince the brokers and the banks to allow Morgan Stanley (where I traded) to be allowed to use the broker market. Our argument was that we really were a customer and not a competitor because we were hedging client flow that the banks wouldn’t see anyway. To some extent that was true, but…

Intrinsic value and other unicorns Commentary,Financials

Jon Matte

Once in a while, I find myself looking at a universal truth that the rest of the world holds dear, and for the life of me I just can’t sign on to it.  Everybody is cooing about the unicorn in the pasture, but it sure looks like a rhinoceros to me; and when I ask people to explain it, I get blank stares or a defensive, “It is TOO a unicorn!” before the cooing begins again.  And then I find myself no further along the path of understanding. So it is with this “intrinsic value” thing.  Alan Greenspan was on…

SURFACExchange CEO Evgeni Mitkov Discusses the Potential for FX Options Financials,Interview,Video

Evgeni Mitkov

Evgeni Mitkov, CEO of SURFACExchange, launched the FX options ECN in August 2011. Just over a year later, they’ve attracted almost 50 firms by offering the ECN to currency options traders through a no-install browser-based platform. Mitkov spoke with JLN Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf during the Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago, about how the FX market is holding up, how the participation base is shifting away from banks, and where the FX options space is moving.