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Ranjan Bhaduri – AlphaMetrix (Part 2) Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Ranjan Bhaduri

Part 2 of our interview with Ranjan Bhaduri, chief research officer at AlphaMetrix. AlphaMetrix provides hedge funds and investors with an independent platform, administration, transparency, risk monitoring and analytics, due diligence, background investigation and hedge fund event services. JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf spoke with Bhaduri about how the CTA space is changing, its diversity and its interesting follow-up to the well-known John Lintner managed futures study. View Part 1 here.

George Rohrs – Uhlmann Price Securities Interview,Managed Futures,Video

George Rohrs

George Rohrs, Jr. got his start in the managed funds business with R.J. O’Brien & Associates in the early 1980s, where he helped the firm develop its commodity pool operator business along with managed futures. Today, he is the owner and president of Rohrs & Co. and senior investment executive with Uhlmann Price Securities. Rohrs spoke with John Lothian & Co.’s Jessica Titlebaum about how he met legendary investor Jim Rogers in 1996, and developed a fund that tracks Roger’s International Commodity Index starting in 1998.

Mark Shore – DePaul University Interview,Managed Futures,Video

Mark Shore

Mark Shore, a 20-year veteran of the markets, was recently named adjunct professor at DePaul University, where he is teaching a new course on managed futures. Shore founded Shore Capital Management in 2008 and is a registered CTA. JLN Managed Futures editor Jim Kharouf spoke with Shore about his career, the new course at DePaul and prospects for the managed futures space.

Kevin Jamali of Auctos Capital Management has it going Commentary

John Lothian

Kevin Jamali has it going. Kevin is a Principal of Auctos Capital Management, a firm we first profiled in JLN Managed Futures back in February of 2010. Auctos is a Commodity Trading Advisor that is building a CTA business the right way. Of course, I am conflicted. Very conflicted. You see, Kevin has some partners that include one of my oldest friends in the business. In fact, I have known John J. Ruth just about as long as I have known what futures were. He was a partner in a CBOT member firm named Victor Grain, and I worked for…

Five Minutes with Kevin Jamali Interview,Managed Futures

Kevin Jamali, is managing partner of commodity trading advisor (CTA) Auctos Capital Management, LLC, Jamali and his partners launched the firm in August of 2007. Jamali, who has been trading independently since September 1997, and exclusively trading electronically since March of 2003, spoke with JLN Managed Futures editor Ron Sebonia about how the industry has changed, how to start a CTA firm and which other firm Jamali thinks is getting it right. Q: What drew you to the markets? A: I think people who want to excel are drawn to trading. My dad used to trade the stock market, though…