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Low Bond Vol Creates Trove of Cheap Bets; Wells Fargo/LJM Update JLN Options Newsletter,Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Low Bond Volatility Creates Trove of Cheap Bets; Whatever happened to rising interest rates sparking market turbulence? Brian Chappatta – BloombergQuint The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and that’s going to increase volatility. Or at least that was the nearly unanimous view of investors worldwide heading into 2018. But aside from “volmageddon” in early February, that simply hasn’t been the case. Instead, the stock market’s fear index (formally the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index) is firmly below its five-year average. Interest rates are even quieter, with Bank of America Corp.’s MOVE index, which tracks price swings…

VIX settlement surge; Reinventing equity collars; Melt-up elation for volatility gauges Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight The Week Thus Far – In Case You Missed It Spencer Doar – JLN MIAX plans to launch its third exchange, MIAX Emerald, in Q1 2019. Cboe announced it would begin disseminating a one year VIX calculation (VIX1Y) and that it is “exploring the development of a futures contract” on that index. Speaking of the VIX, it took a stroll south of 15 yesterday. Then this morning – settlement time – it went on a 30 minute run from 15ish to 17, again bringing up talk of manipulation. See the lead Financial Times story below about that…

John Lothian Newsletter: CME Said to Approach Deutsche Boerse for Merger Talks; Spanish exchange cedes market share as shorting ban ends; BlackRock Gains SEC Approval for Copper-Backed Fund John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group is said to have approached Deutsche Boerse to begin talks about creating a merger. Spain’s main stock exchange has seen a marked drop in volume since a short-selling ban was lifted at the start of this year. Investment company BlackRock gets a green light to start an exchange-traded fund for copper, which some say could disrupt the existing market for the metal.

Five Minutes With Chris Gale, Latin Resources Limited Interview,Metals

Chris Gale is the CEO of Latin Resources Limited, an iron ore and gold exploration company based in Perth, Western Australia. Latin Resources uses mineral sands technology to process iron ore and other materials at its Guadalupito project in the northern desert of Peru. Gale talked to editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr about the company’s reasons for using offshore mining and mineral sands production and about its future plans in Latin America. Q: What is the history of Latin Resources Limited? A: We started the company back in March 2008 in Perth in Western Australia, and I’ve been investing in mining…

Five Minutes With Harriet Hunnable, CME Group Interview,Metals

Harriet Hunnable

Harriet Hunnable is the managing director for metals products at CME Group. She sat down with editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr to discuss copper futures, which hit a record volume of 127,276 contracts on April 10. Hunnable also discussed the benefits of average price contracts, like CME Group’s new copper calendar swap contract launched on March 12. Q: What is so intriguing about copper, and how does it differ from other metals? A: Copper is a very good indicator of industrial production and we’re very focused today on where the growth is strongest, and where there is reception. It provides a…

Five Minutes With Nicholas Cotts, Newmont Mining Corp. Interview,Metals

Nicholas Cotts is the group executive for environment and social responsibility at Newmont Mining Corporation. He spoke at the Initiatives in Art and Culture gold conference last week, in a presentation titled “Gold Mining and Institution Building – The New Frontier?” He sat down with editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr to further discuss how social responsibility and sustainability demands and responsibilities have changed for Newmont, and for all mining companies.

Five Minutes With Michael Berry, Discovery Investing Interview,Metals

Michael Berry is the CEO of Discovery Investing, which has created a model for pinpointing lucrative opportunities for mining, bio-tech, high-tech and infrastructure companies. He spoke on a panel and in an individual presentation titled “Gold and Quality of Life: Convergence, Debt, De-Leveraging, and Sustaining Value” at the Initiatives in Art and Culture gold conference in New York last week. Berry talked to editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr about how an expanding global economy impacts our dependence on metals and how he helps educate investors.

Fred Demler, MF Global Interview,Metals

In this interview, Fred Demler, executive vice president and head of global commodities for MF Global, speaks with JLN Metals editor Chris McMahon about copper fundamentals, fluctuating demand from China and the evolution of the commodities super cycle. [Having trouble viewing? Click here] [Download audio]