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Index Providers Rule the World; Unknown traders gain influence in commodities; Beijing is Making Its Most Serious Effort Yet to Tackle Its Financial-System Issues John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes The Canadian Annual Derivatives Conference is November 27-29 in Quebec City. Blythe Masters will be a keynote speaker.~JJL Seismic Foundry website is now live.~JJL OPEC’s next meeting is this Thursday. Bantix Technologies, the provider of the Quikstrike options analytics suite, has a blog laying out everything you need to know about the upcoming meeting.~SD Ever wonder when charts became such a standard part of news presentation? Priceonomics has a blog covering the origins of charts and graphs. Scottish political economist William Playfair is credited with creating the modern statistical chart in the late 1700s.~SD Nasdaq…