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JLN Options: Approval Pending, Miami Exchange Plans Its Launch Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Approval Pending, Miami Exchange Plans Its LaunchJacob Bunge, The Wall Street JournalThe Miami Options Exchange plans to open for business Dec. 7, though the market has yet to be granted formal approval by U.S. regulators.The planned stock-options exchange, which aims to become the 11th U.S. options market, told banks and financial firms of the expected launch in a notice that outlined the final tests of its new trading system. Only The VIX Gets The Fiscal CliffJoe Weisenthal, Business InsiderIf you watch coverage of the Fiscal Cliff, you might think that on January 1, the economy is going to…

JLN Options: NYSE Arca Options announces Mini Options Launch Date of March 18, 2013 Newsletter,Options

New Restoring Customer Confidence Video The second video in our Restoring Customer Confidence series deals with customer segregation. Each week we will post a new idea answering the question – how do you restore customer confidence and bring traders back? Restoring Customer Confidence More ideas» Customer Segregation: A Clear View Moving excess customer funds to a clearing house is one way to reduce the amount of capital at risk. Byron Baldwin, SVP, Buyside Relations at Eurex, says his exchange developed segregated account services that can be as wide or granular as needed. Watch the video » This video is…

JLN Options: Shorties Options Will Stand Tall Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories Shorties Options Will Stand TallA new, shorter options contract introduced last week will give investors more flexibility in hedging event-specific risks. Steven M. Sears, Barron’sMost people will tell you they’re long-term investors. They think they are able to ignore the distractions that make others panic and sell. They think they buck the trends, and have the equanimity to buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying.***First Weeklys, now shorties, a tool to hedge against volatility-producing market events.– SR Vix volatility index depicting bear market behaviorJeff Greenblatt, FuturesI have good news and bad news. I know…

Kevin Powers, director of sales, North America at FastMarkets Interview,Metals

Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers recently joined FastMarkets as its director of sales, North America. FastMarkets provides reporting and analysis of the metals markets and broadcasts from the floor of the London Metal Exchange every day. Their web site is  He recently spoke with JLN Metals editor Sarah Rudolph about the company’s offerings, his new role, and the road he took to end up there. Q:  Tell us about your background. You were with DTN, which was bought by Telvent, which was bought by Schneider Electric, the parent for FastMarkets? A: Yes, there were several takeovers. We had to keep changing shirts, pens…

John Lothian Newsletter: CFTC Chief Admits Failure In Oversight Of Peregrine; U.S. To Launch Broad Review Of Futures Firms; Tradition Brokers First Trade On LNG East Asia Index John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Gary Gensler, head of the CFTC, agrees that the agency fell short when it failed to detect fraud at Peregrine over a 20-year time frame.  With a second, fresh failure in the “customer fund safety” department, a number of companies and regulatory groups in the futures industry have agreed to undertake bold steps to actually verify that funds on deposit are fully and properly in place for remaining companies in the industry.  Broker Tradition has successfully completed the first-ever exchange-cleared (using CME Direct Screen) OTC trade for liquid natural gas.

JLN Environmental/Energy: China picks stable power prices over emissions targets; Argus expands coverage of California; US renewables trading; EU calls for 2030 green goals Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Reuters tells us that “China picks stable power prices over emissions targets,” while Bloomberg reports “EU Pledge ’Fair and Equal’ Access to CO2 Auction Proposal.” And, Financial Times Deutschland reports, noted by Bloomberg, that “Germany Threatened by Energy Overcapacity.”