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Day 4 in Shanghai: Jack Ma and the Gamechangers Blog

I can’t believe this week is almost over. It is Friday morning in Shanghai. I don’t know the Mandarin for TGIF but actually my week has been so great I almost wish it wasn’t over.   It is too bad Shanghai isn’t as close to Chicago as say Kalamazoo. I’d drive there all the time.   We are making final presentations this morning to the lovely folks at the Shanghai Futures Exchange. Today’s topic is the impact of the internet on financial services and  some side topics on Dark Pools, MFID, Dodd-Frank etc. It is most enjoyable to talk with these extremely…

Decisive Role: China making major moves on its economy Commentary,Financials,Options

Jim Kharouf

China always is on the financial market radar. It is also on the radar screen of economist David Hale, chairman of David Hale Global Economics, who just finished a report on China called “China’s New Dream.” (It can be found here in a PDF.) What is notable to Hale is that the plenary session of the Communist Party Central Committee in November 2013 announced major reforms to help boost China’s economy over the next decade. That means that market forces, and market structures, will now play a “decisive role” in re-shaping China’s economy, which is considered a substantial upgrade in…

John Lothian Newsletter: NYSE Files to Allow Nontransparent ETFs to List, Trade; CLS Bank seeks to increase FX settlement membership; SEC auditor ban could hit US companies in China John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Open for Business: Competition Heating Up in the New Market Structure Swap execution facilities (SEFs) were given life by the Dodd-Frank Act, which requires over-the counter (OTC) swaps to be cleared and traded on this new type of regulated platform. The CFTC published its final SEF rules in mid-2013 and trading commenced on 18 registered SEFs. John Lothian News interviewed a dozen of the leading SEF operators, regulators and other participants and put together a three part series on SEF regulation, the changing market structure and the new technology required to make it all happen. Part II…

John Lothian Newsletter: US regulator acts to reform futures trading; US regulator calls for stock trading rules review; Hong Kong listings revival offers sovereign wealth path to China John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Special Report from Fidessa: You Only Live Twice: Creating the FCM of the Future Steve Grob, Fidessa Published in 1964, Ian Fleming’s eleventh Bond novel describes the change in 007 from a depressed man in mourning, to a man of action ready to rise up and take on the world again. In a similar way, the global derivatives industry is undergoing the same metamorphosis. For some time now the industry has been battling against multiple headwinds – low interest rates, falling commissions and an image tarnished by the spectacular failures of some individual firms. New regulations have also…

JLN Environmental/Energy: EPA Greenhouse-Gas Rules Draw U.S. Supreme Court Scrutiny; Cracking the Energy Puzzles of the 21st Century; India Increases Effort to Harness Biomass Energy Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, the Supreme Court will decide whether to block key aspects of the Obama administration’s plan aimed at cutting power plant and factory emissions. The AP and others have coverage. Plus, China Offers Cash in Bid to Cut Air Pollution, says The Wall Street Journal. Quote of the Day: “Populations are switching to domestic fuels when they can’t afford energy prices.” –Valentin Foltescu, an air quality expert at the World Health Organization, in The New York Times’ “Bulgaria’s Air Is Dirtiest in Europe, Study Finds, Followed by Poland” Lead Stories High court will review EPA global warming rules…

JLN Environmental/Energy: Carbon Markets 94% Cheaper Than Renewable Support, OECD Says; EU on track for climate targets; India to Set Up Agency for Monitoring Water Efficiency Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, major news outlets come at a new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report from a few different angles. Bloomberg, for its part, dives into some statistics that carbon market proponents will find interesting. The cost of reducing one metric ton of carbon dioxide in the power industry using emissions trading systems is 10 euros ($13.56) on average, compared with 169 euros for feed-in tariffs, the OECD says of the data it collected from 15 countries (including the U.S. and China) and reported by Bloomberg. The BBC and Reuters, among others, also cover the report, in our…

JLN Environmental/Energy: Keystone Nears Completion, But Canada Still Cut Off; Norway to buy more carbon credits; EU agrees to bend on aviation emissions, still faces resistance Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Canada and Japan and Norway feature with their respective carbon market moves. Plus, Aviation Envoys Restrict EU Market Terms in Carbon Pledge. And, India’s Ultra-Mega Solar Plant to Sell Record-Low Power.

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU Carbon Market Main Hurdle to Aviation Deal, India Says; Greg Barker calls for ‘explosion of choice’ in UK energy market; Obama Nominee Binz Withdraws From Consideration for FERC Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, fightin words out of India, in Bloomberg’s EU Carbon Market Main Hurdle to Aviation Deal, India Says. Plus, Poland pits itself against EU climate promises, reports Reuters. The Hill says Senators to huddle on path forward for stalled energy efficiency bill.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Fresh Hopes on Climate Change; Shutdown Would Scuttle House Pipeline Hearing; Intel Targets Share of $5 Billion Smart-Grid Market Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

Let’s call this edition’s Leads section our science and technology collective. Articles include: IPCC Scientist: Climate change will hit Europe’s competitiveness; South Korean Scientists Use E. Coli to Make Gasoline; Can Bob Inglis Make Republicans Relevant in Climate and Clean Energy Policy? and Intel Targets Share of $5 Billion Smart-Grid Market.