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JLN Environmental/Energy: China keen to avoid CO2 rollercoaster ride; When Beijing Cleared the Air; EU Commission to publish ETS rescue plan next week Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, China is covered across three stories: Reuters’ “China keen to avoid CO2 rollercoaster ride,” The New York Times’ “When Beijing Cleared the Air,” and BSR’s “How Brazil, India and China are redefining sustainability.” And GE’s energy division shake-up is covered in The Wall Street Journal. The Hill has “GE blames drop in wind turbine sales on tax uncertainty.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math; UN sees future for carbon scheme despite price drop; Market ‘naïve’ to expect timely EU ETS fix details – analysts Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition: Rolling Stone leads off with a politics meets environment piece called, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.” Reuters has, “UN sees future for carbon scheme despite price drop.” From the nat gas space, The Wall Street Journal reports “Ousted CEO Says Duke Wanted to End Deal.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: Record Heat Wave Pushes U.S. Belief in Climate Change to 70%; The Power Grid: From Rickety to Resilient; Average Chinese person’s carbon footprint now equals European’s Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition: The Guardian says, “Average Chinese person’s carbon footprint now equals European’s.” China’s Xinhua reports, “Coal-rich province launches emission monitoring system.” Bloomberg has, “GE Turbines Help Greenko Drive Wind Power Cost Below Coal.”

How Deep is the China Slowdown? Commentary,Financials


Typically, when I write a headline like the one above, it is followed by a column that answers, or attempts to answer, the question being posed. This time, I ask the question “how deep is the China slowdown?” because, quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea. What is known is that China’s “official” economic numbers paint a picture of a country whose growth is slowing to a normal pace. However, the alarming reaction and calls for stimulus makes one think that we are not getting the whole story. Plus, the “contained” slowdown seems to be at odds with information I…

JLN Environmental/Energy: Low-key carbon tax talks fuel conservative outcry; Mexico’s historic climate law: an analysis; Merkel warns of global warming if no climate accord Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, prospects for a carbon tax are covered in Politico’s “Low-key carbon tax talks fuel conservative outcry” and The Hill’s “GOP leaders slam the door on carbon taxes.” The Houston Chronicle offers “Natural gas glut a dilemma for Obama” and the AP says “Cheaper natural gas won’t lower power costs.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: Energy industry gets the answers it wanted in CFTC’s swap definition; Stanford’s George Shultz on energy: It’s personal; EC approves UK carbon emissions trading platform Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition, Platt’s reports “Energy industry gets the answers it wanted in CFTC’s swap definition.” Stanford’s George Shultz writes on energy: It’s personal. The New York Times offers “U.S. Fares Poorly in Efficiency Rankings.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: Clean coal tech is ready, but there’s a catch; Over a Barrel; Memo To Time Mag: Oil Will Not Get Cheap, World Will Not End Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Politico weighs in with “Clean coal tech is ready, but there’s a catch,” with Bloomberg reporting, “Shell Gets Conditional Alberta Approval for Carbon-Capture Plan.” Environmental Finance, meanwhile, offers “Water trading helped Australian economic recovery.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: Germany Sees ‘Intensive’ EU Carbon Talks in September, October; The world is abandoning emissions trading: Abbott; JPMorgan Probe Shows FERC Priority Policing Energy Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In today’s edition: Bloomberg reports “Germany Sees ‘Intensive’ EU Carbon Talks in September, October,” while The New York Times reports “Steep Fuel Prices Driving Push for Efficient Aircraft.” Chicago Tribune writes “Ill. EPA to rethink pollution permit for Downstate coal-to-gas plant.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU Must Avoid Short-Term CO2-Supply Fix, BusinessEurope Says; ICAO Carbon-Cut Plan Will Mask Emissions Output: Engineer; New agriculture offset protocol expands opportunities for farmers to participate in the carbon market Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition: Bloomberg covers: “EU Must Avoid Short-Term CO2-Supply Fix, BusinessEurope Says;” CNN’s  “Could Cheap Gas Save the Economy?” is one of several stories on current prices. The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, offers “New Delhi Raises Power Tariffs.”