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JLN Environmental/Energy: JLN Environmental/Energy: Rio, China Say They Won’t Use Sold CO2 Credits for Limits; EU May Soften Draft Energy Savings Law, Drop CO2 Option; U.S. Solar Grew 85 Percent in First Quarter, SEIA Says Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition: “Rio, China Say They Won’t Use Sold CO2 Credits for Limits,” Bloomberg reports. “Cap And Trade Lives, And Works, In Northeastern US,” says respected blog Energy Collective. And, “Three London Employees Leave GreenX’s London Office, CME Says,” according to Bloomberg.

JLN Environmental/Energy: EU Risks 12 Years of Oversupply in CO2 Market: Report; EU Report on Carbon Market Due Before August: Hedegaard; Carbon Offset Prices Vary Widely By Standard And Project Type: Study Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Bloomberg covers a WWF/Greenpeace report that says the EU Risks 12 Years of Oversupply in CO2 Market, while a New York Times’ blog digs in to On Not Reaching Carbon Goals, responding to the IEA’s report on energy technology perspectives. Grist/Guardian interviews the EPA’s Lisa Jackson on coal and the economy.

JLN Environmental/Energy: China picks stable power prices over emissions targets; Argus expands coverage of California; US renewables trading; EU calls for 2030 green goals Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Reuters tells us that “China picks stable power prices over emissions targets,” while Bloomberg reports “EU Pledge ’Fair and Equal’ Access to CO2 Auction Proposal.” And, Financial Times Deutschland reports, noted by Bloomberg, that “Germany Threatened by Energy Overcapacity.”

JLN Environmental/Energy: “World Missing Environmental Goals in Paralysis of Indecision,” “Global environment deteriorating despite international targets,” “World Bank: waste management challenge ‘greater than climate change’” Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, several outlets cover UNEP’s mostly critical GEO-5 report, including Bloomberg, Reuters, and Business Green. An interesting World Bank report, meanwhile, tackles the global trash problem.

JLN Environmental/Energy: “EU Won’t Discuss Carbon Roadmap Next Week, Official Says” “EU-Chinese carbon market contacts intensifying” “Climate change to cost LatAm $100 bn by 2050: study” Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, European carbon issues are in focus, including EurActiv’s coverage of EU-Chinese carbon market discussions and Bloomberg’s report that the EU has dropped its carbon-cutting strategy through 2050 from a ministerial level meeting set for next week. In other news, WWF will report that China seizes green manufacturing lead from Europe.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Suspended trading and clearing of 2012 EUA and CER June Future Contracts with immediate effect; 97% of RGGI Units Meet First Compliance Period Obligations; Who’s Brave Enough to Start a Solar Fund Today? Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, RGGI is in the spotlight with a release saying 97% of its units meet first compliance hurdle; the New York Times covers the release in its blog. Just Means takes a look at a water finance model. Meanwhile, the API and ANGA say Obama’s EPA overstates pollution from gas fracking.

JLN Environmental/Energy: Fourteen Programs Show CO2 Trade Taking Off: World Bank; CO2 market wants tougher EU 2020 climate goal; Australian Law Allows UN CO2 Use Through 2020: Negotiator Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

In this edition, Bloomberg covers the World Bank’s comments on successful CO2 trade, while Reuters notes leading carbon market players’ call for a tougher EU 2020 climate goal. Scientific American takes on climate change and the impact on electricity markets. The Hill covers the GOP split that leaves $1.5 billion uncut in the U.S. Energy and Water spending bill.

JLN Environmental/Energy: “American Companies Beating Europe to First Commercial CCS Plant”, “Inspecting China’s carbon trading plans” Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

Bloomberg New Energy Finance says U.S. and Canadian companies likely to beat European rivals in carbon capture and storage. Climate Spectator steps up with an analysis piece comparing China’s three main carbon markets. The IEA sets out shale gas ‘golden rules’ for cleaner fracking, covered by Business Green.

JLN Environmental/Energy: May 21, 2012 Environmental/Energy,Newsletter

The Age covers Australian carbon markets and the global price on emissions trading. In North America, natural gas prices, coal and Keystone remain hot political buttons. The global solar tariff battle moves into the next round, with China lobbing back its complaint.