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Options Market Says China Risks Are Underpriced; This firm is competing with banks to hire data analysts, developers and even ex-traders; The monopoly aspirations of exchanges and the CFD rulings Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Predictive Bits & Pieces Spencer Doar – JLN Last Friday the CBOE hosted an event on predictive analytics. Some 50-plus people were in attendance to hear from Joe Gits of Social Market Analytics (SMA), Koleman Strumpf of the University of Kansas and Wachi Bandara of Pluribus Labs. While a range of topics were mentioned, much of the focus was on harnessing Twitter sentiment for actionable trade intelligence. The following are a few takeaways: Strumpf, who studies predictive markets — think of sites like Betfair — says that the days of their effectiveness as prognosticators is done. Don’t…