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Inflationary VIX shock potential and other vol catalysts; Bitcoin pushback Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable as China urges calm Soyoung Kim, Heekyong Yang – Reuters Two American B-1B heavy bombers joined large-scale combat drills over South Korea on Thursday amid warnings from North Korea that the exercises and U.S. threats have made the outbreak of war “an established fact”. / ****SD: We’ve made it this far in the “year of low volatility.” This North Korea update and the below Palestinian story are two of the first things I see scanning my feeds this morning. The other story I saw? Bitcoin hits $16k. No words……

Gary Delany – Options Industry Council (OIC) Interview,Options,Video

Gary Delany

JLN Options editor Sarah Rudolph sat down with Gary Delany, Director of European Marketing and Education for the Options Industry Council (OIC), to discuss some of the findings of the study, “European Demand for U.S. Listed Equity Options,” including identifying the biggest users of US options and the barriers to trading. The OIC commissioned study conducted by the TABB Group found strong European demand for US listed options. The study included interviews with 29 participants from a cross section of US and European firms active in the US listed options industry, including broker-dealers, market makers, data providers, hedge funds, and…