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The U.S. Dollar Replaces a Broken VIX Index; Tail risks wagging the dog with Wall Street fear gauge; Oil Bets Are Biggest in 9 Years Amid OPEC, Trump Volatility Newsletter,Options

Lead Stories The U.S. Dollar Replaces a Broken VIX Index Brian Kelly – RealClearMarkets The VIX Index is broken. It no longer provides an accurate measure of the amount of leverage in the financial system. This poses a problem because central bankers, regulators, policy makers and economic forecasters all use the VIX as a the central measure of leverage. Tail risks wagging the dog with Wall Street fear gauge Miles Johnson – Financial Times When a man goes bankrupt it happens in two ways: first gradually, then suddenly. Those who look to financial markets for meaningful information about the…

CBOE Downplays Early Close of Bats Deal; Why Wall Street’s Top Cop Criticized by Warren Could Stay Awhile; Bargain-hunting funds grab high stakes in metal trade start-ups John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter


First Read More Conferences By JLN Staff John Lothian & Co. is in London today for its Marketswiki Education series. It’s also LME Metals Week in London. We’ll keep you posted on both events. Meanwhile, there are more events to consider attending. Our friends at Baruch College and the Tabb Group are combining on a Financial Markets Conference in New York on Tuesday, November 1 at the William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus 14th floor, Conference Center. Robert Schwartz and Larry Tabb are the organizers. The sponsors include Bats Global Markets, BIDS Trading, CBOE Holdings Inc., CODA Markets, Instinet, Modern…

Smalls and Mediums: Richard Sandor Looks To Transform The Small and Mid-Tier Bank Sector – Part 2 Interview

(Scroll down to view the entire story or click here to view the story on Sway.) Richard Sandor has introduced markets to everything from interest rate futures to greenhouse gas derivatives over the past 40 years. Now he’s shifted his attention to small and mid-sized banks with a new exchange platform called the American Financial Exchange. In Part 2 of our exclusive interview with John Lothian News, Sandor explains why this is the right time launch the exchange, how similar it is to launching bond futures in the 1970s and the plan for AFX going forward.       

All Smalls and Mediums: Richard Sandor Looks To Transform The Small and Mid-Tier Bank Sector (Part 1) Interview,Video

For the past 40-plus years, Richard Sandor has created some of the most successful products in the modern era of financial markets, from interest rate futures to greenhouse gas derivatives. Now he shifted his attention to small- and mid-sized banks with a new exchange platform that could transform the way in which banks lend, borrow and set interest rates for themselves. Sandor, often called the father of financial futures for his development the first interest rate contracts in the 1970s for the Chicago Board of Trade, has partnered with the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Northern Trust Bank to create…

A Market Structure Conundrum Financials,Newsletter

Doug Ashburn

In today’s top story, SEC Chair Mary Jo White is calling for more transparency in the corporate bond market. In fact, many of the recommendations would make the bond market function like our equity markets. Ironic, isn’t it? For the past few months, since the release of Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys, equity market structure has been the punching bag of the financial sector. This is especially true for liquidity providers and broker dealers, who tend to use the last generation of regulatory structural changes (i.e. maker-taker pricing, payments for order flow and low-latency advantages)  to aggressively compete for orders. Now…

Metrixx Founder Jim Marzano on the Intersection of Bond Analytics and Social Media Financials,Interview,Video

Jim Marzano

Jim Marzano was the first person to trade the Chicago Board of Trade’s 30-year bond contract in 1977. Today, he’s looking to create another first as the founder and CEO of Metrixx — a bond, fx and commodities analytics company that also integrates social media for the trading community. Marzano spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about Metrixx, what it brings to the analytics space and how social media can help replace some of that market knowledge that used to be on the trading floor.

John Lothian Newsletter: Madrid bourse overhauls trading system; CFTC: NYSE’s US Futures Market Should Improve Surveillance; LCH Raises Margin Cost for Trading Some Spanish, French Debt John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

BME in Spain gets its exchange systems ready for high-frequency traders. The CFTC reviews NYSE rule enforcement practices, and says that they should watch the doors and windows more carefully. LCH.Clearnet boosts the margin levels for some Spanish and French bonds. In the top box, Jim Kharouf has a JLN Metals Five Minutes interview with gold analyst Gargi Shah; CME Group reports earnings; and Philip McBride Johnson suggests that politicians aren’t all that concerned with the difference between doing something sensible versus simply doing something.