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Oil Signals to Watch in 2018; 2018, the year of the active fund manager?; Chicago firms gear up for MiFID Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight Editor’s Note There will not be an edition of JLN Options tomorrow – we will be back January 2, 2018. So, this marks our last email (on a pretty thin options news day) of an extremely eventful year, yet one historically devoid of volatility. Here’s to 2018! Maybe the VIX will hit 30, the short vol trade will get busted up, market makers will proliferate, fees will decrease, capital rules will make sense, roses will smell better and a whole bunch of other stuff. See you then. Lead Stories Five Oil Signals to Watch in 2018 Alex…

Chicago firms gear up for MiFID II; EU exchanges clash with customers over fees; South Korea Considers Closing Bitcoin Exchanges John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff This is the second to last edition of the John Lothian Newsletter for 2017. Tomorrow we will publish JLN, but not JLN Options or JLN Asia Pacific News.~JJL Eurex‘s trading calendar for the new year can be found HERE.~JJL There were a couple of commodity related explosions this week. First, a Libyan crude oil pipeline was blown up by suspected terrorists, helping move prices. It is believed it will take a week to get the pipeline back online. Then there was an explosion at an Argentinian grain terminal owned by COFCO that killed…

VIX ETP concerns; Correlation issues; Market catalysts Newsletter,Options

Observations & Insight The FT warns advertisers after discovering high levels of domain spoofing Jessica Davies – Digiday The Financial Times has investigated the scale of domain spoofing occurring against its site, and has been shocked by the results. The publisher has found display ads against inventory masquerading as on 10 separate ad exchanges and video ads on 15 exchanges, even though the FT doesn’t even sell video ads programmatically, with 300 accounts selling inventory purporting to be the FT’s. The scale of the fraud uncovered is vast — the equivalent of one month’s supply of bona fide…

John Lothian Newsletter: BME May Evaluate NYSE Technology Units, Won’t Buy Euronext Stake; ICE Dumps Pepper in Singapore to Pave Way for Asia Growth; Markit and Virtu race for New York IPOs John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read The Case for Regional Exchanges Vincenzo La Ruffa – TabbFORUM A return to regional exchanges and the capital markets infrastructure that supports smaller-cap public listings could deliver multiple advantages, including a whole new world of market participants and brand-new opportunities for alpha. ***** We are in a global business, not a regional business. ++++ Who is Timothy Massad? Tom Osborn – He cooks, he’s quiet, he’s confident, and he will cope with everything Wall Street throws at him. That is the picture painted by former colleagues – and adversaries – of the US Treasury Department’s Timothy…

John Lothian Newsletter: Madrid bourse overhauls trading system; CFTC: NYSE’s US Futures Market Should Improve Surveillance; LCH Raises Margin Cost for Trading Some Spanish, French Debt John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

BME in Spain gets its exchange systems ready for high-frequency traders. The CFTC reviews NYSE rule enforcement practices, and says that they should watch the doors and windows more carefully. LCH.Clearnet boosts the margin levels for some Spanish and French bonds. In the top box, Jim Kharouf has a JLN Metals Five Minutes interview with gold analyst Gargi Shah; CME Group reports earnings; and Philip McBride Johnson suggests that politicians aren’t all that concerned with the difference between doing something sensible versus simply doing something.

John Lothian Newsletter: MF Global Criminal Investigation Said to Slow After Quick Start; BME faces threat to Spain dominance; NYSE will gain whatever LCH.Clearnet outcome John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

MF Global investigators reveal the unsurprising news that they are proceeding very slowly after a quick start in the hunt for criminal charges. Spain’s BME exchange is feeling the squeeze from the arrival of BATS Chi-X Europe. NYSE Euronext, whether it wins the LCH.Clearnet race or not, stands to come out well ahead on the deal. More exchanges release monthly volume statistics, and in the top box you’ll find, among other things, links to FOW Magazine’s 30-Year Anniversary issue.