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Direct Match’s Jim Greco and William O’Brien Talk Treasuries – Traded Electronically Blog


Direct Match is a FINRA-registered broker dealer that recently announced plans to offer an all-to-all electronic trading platform for US Treasuries later this year – the first of its kind.  JLN spoke with Jim Greco, the company’s CEO and co-founder, and William O’Brien, its new executive chairman, about the why and the how of the new platform. Q: How did the idea of founding Direct Match come about? Jim: I’ve been involved in the markets for a long time, on different sides. I worked for Getco and built the platform KCG Acknowledge, which was a bilateral streaming platform for trading…

John Lothian Newsletter: Direct Match hires ex-equity exchange chief in launch push; Vitriolic Presidential Primaries Quelling Economic Uncertainty; EU Lawmakers Approve MiFID II Market Rule Delay by One Year John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

First Read ICAP’s blockchain initiative would slim down middle and back office processes Sarah Rudolph, JLN Excitement about blockchain technology and debate about the potential uses for it were top of mind at last month’s FIA Boca conference, and one of the more likely possibilities for its use is to streamline post trade operations for banks and their FCMs. ICAP, the largest broker for OTC trading, just completed a successful proof of technology test case using blockchain technology and the company believes it could transform the middle and back office, cutting down dramatically on the number of processes necessary and…

CNBC Debate Stills NYSE Trading Floor Commentary,John Lothian Newsletter

John Lothian

The best financial news television in years happened yesterday on CNBC when author Michael Lewis, IEX’s Brad Katsuyama and BATS’ Bill O’Brien faced off in a hexabox along with Bob Pisani, Tyler Mathisen and Sue Herera. O’Brien was aggressive and combative in his manner, taking exception to Katsuyama and Lewis saying the U.S. equities markets were “rigged.”  O’Brien ripped apart Lewis’ contention that he had visited BATS on February 5, 2013, asking, “Were you in Kansas City? Because that is where we are located.” Lewis said he had visited the BATS data center in New York.  O’Brien said he did…