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JLN Managed Futures: Commodity inflows fizzle after strong start in first quarter; Top US fund managers attack regulators; The Top 10 Managed Futures Performers of April Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations/Commentary FinTech Chicago Gets Democratic Today’s financial technology dialog is often about a word you don’t usually associate with it – democracy – bringing software, data, reporting, testing and trading to the masses. And it’s not just one size for everyone – its customizable too. At the FinTech Exchange 2015 Chicago event, 13 firm executives spoke during its lightning round. So John Lothian News took the best of two hours of presentations and condensed into 3 minutes. Here’s how some of those firms are democratizing and customizing technology for all of us. Watch the video » Are CTAs Good…

Making It Attainable: RCM Buys Attain To Broaden Managed Futures Reach Blog

RCM Asset Management pushed further into the managed futures space today with the announcement it has acquired Attain Capital Management. With the move, RCM aims to strengthen its education offerings and broaden its customer base. “Things that they do very well, RCM does not do well or at all. So the combination of the two firms will really enable us to further our reach in the space,” said Bobby Schwartz, CEO and managing director at RCM. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Attain, which started in 2002 offering trading systems to high net worth individuals, has grown over the…

JLN Managed Futures: Managed Futures: The Next Five Years; Industry waits for managed futures to recover from slip-up; Fewer Funds Reporting To Databases, But AUM Up Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations/Commentary Managed Futures: The Next Five Years Campbell & Co. The past five years have proven phenomenal for investors in equity indices. Will the next five years offer the same opportunities? Even with the turmoil of the last few weeks, many believe that equity returns will continue to climb. If you believe that the S&P, with an annualized return exceeding 18% (through May 2014), is likely to continue to deliver this level of performance, there is little need for portfolio diversification. A look in the rearview mirror, however, suggests that the results of the past few years may not be…

JLN Managed Futures: CTA/CPO Capital Requirements; Manning & Napier, Inc. Announces Acquisition of 2100 Xenon ; Carry Trade’s Return Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations / Statistics / Commentary HFT in the CrosshairsDoug Ashburn, John Lothian News When Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys” hit the bookshelves a couple weeks ago, it was as if a giant HFT target had been placed on the shooting range. Since then, the calls for HFT curbs, taxes, and other regulation have become increasingly shrill. While John Lothian News has been saying for years that the equity market structure is broken and in need of a fix, too much of the current narrative is based on misinformation and partial-truths, and its chief critics have consistently, if not willfully, misrepresented the…

JLN Managed Futures: Bond-King Pimco Plans to Push ‘Alternative Funds’; Moore Capital settles platinum, palladium lawsuit; High-frequency trading does not raise futures volatility Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations – Statistics – Commentary The bond-bigwigs at Pimco are apparently coming to the managed futures world, according to the Wall Street Journal. This despite the fact that 2013 has been another disappointing year thus far. Moore Capital paid $48 million to settle accusations of market manipulation – but was Mr. Bacon’s firm simply a victim of circumstance, in that it has been just too big a fish for the small platinum and palladium ponds? A study just released by two Vanderbilt professors has created quite a buzz in the futures industry. Leading off the newsletter, due diligence expert Leigh…

JLN Managed Futures: Richard Bornhoft on CTA Selection; Where To Invest When The Stock Market Bubble Bursts; Campbell opens non-trend programs to investors Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations – Statistics – Commentary In today’s issue, a Forbes commentary sees a rough patch ahead in the equities and recommends managed futures as a safe haven. India’s NSEL is in the midst of its own MFG/PFG meltdown. A article spotlights our friends at Campbell & Company. And, though commodity funds have been hit pretty hard recently, that is not stopping the trend of new fund launches. We lead off with Jim Kharouf’s interview with industry veteran Rich Bornhoft, who discusses what he looks for in a manager.

JLN Managed Futures: Our Interview with Jack Schwager of ‘Market Wizards’ Fame; Horizon’s Emerging Manager Fund Cash Account; Observations on the death of trend following Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations – Statistics – Commentary In the current issue of JLN Managed Futures, Horizon Cash Management launches a custodial solution for the under-$10 million crowd, the death of trend following is highly exaggerated, and despite the pullback in commodity fund performance, new funds are still being launched.  Up first, though, is our interview with Jack Schwager, author of the “Market Wizards” book series and portfolio manager with ADM Investor Services.

JLN Managed Futures: CTAs eye swap futures; The end of the commodity party; So you want to be a CTA? Managed Futures,Newsletter

Observations – Statistics – Commentary In this issue, we see CTAs following a new trend – that of swap futurization. Some see the end of the commodity party, but a lady named Margarita says otherwise. George Soros continues to hurl verbal grenades at Germany after having recently declared war in the Eurozone. Our friends at Attain Capital ask, “So you want to be a CTA?” And Dodd-Frank is keeping the regulatory section of JLN Managed Futures full of new stories. But first, Allston Trading CEO Raj Mahajan takes a look at opportunities and challenges in the algorithmic sector.

JLN Managed Futures: Richard Dennis, Bill Eckhardt and the Turtle Traders; The Pension Rate-of-Return Fantasy; Hedge fund spotlight: Credit, global macro and managed futures Managed Futures,Newsletter

In this issue, we see some of the aftermath of lagging performance from the managed futures and other alternatives sectors.Some municipal pensions have been keeping the long-term solvency dream alive via expected returns outside fixed income portfolios. One in California is headed to bankruptcy court, while another in South Carolina has pitted the state treasurer against the pension board. A Reuters analyst is questioning the notion that commodities are a distinct asset class. All this comes during a multi-session meltdown in the precious metals market. An Ontario pension fund manager, though, understands the role of managed futures in a portfolio…