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John Lothian Newsletter: Australian Exchange Chief Criticises HFT; Money-Laundering Inquiry Said To Target U.S. Banks; ASEAN Link Lures Retail Investors To Boost Trade John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

The leader of Australia’s ASX says high-frequency trading is inherently dangerous, and he doesn’t much fancy the exchange model of depending on its high-volume presence for survival. A money-laundering probe is taking shape in multiple agencies, targeting a number of American banks that may have allowed sloppy money controls to help criminal enterprises hide their cash. The ASEAN link between Malaysia and SGX goes live today, raising hopes of better trade in that region from the network.

John Lothian Newsletter: Futures Industry Leaders Discuss Insurance Fund; MIAX Moves Closer to Becoming 11th U.S. Venue; ASX Says Open to Merger of Equals as Profit Slips John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group, its customers and other industry participants talk over the possibility of creating an insurance fund to protect traders.  The Miami International Securities Exchange makes progress towards opening its doors for business. In Australia, lack of business takes its toll on ASX, and its leader says the exchange is open to buying, merging or being taken over in order to stay viable.

John Lothian Newsletter: No Criminal Case Is Likely In Loss At MF Global; JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Subpoenaed Over Libor; ASX Hit By Drop In Equity Trading Value John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Civil suits are planned and filed, but as MF Global investigators near the end of their work, it looks increasingly likely that no criminal charges against executives will be filed.  Subpoenas for information are freshly filed with seven new banks in the ongoing and expanding LIBOR scandal investigation.  Australia’s ASX releases fresh financial data for the issues it trades, and equity value is sharply off so far in 2012.  In First Read today, take a look at the interview with author Bob Swarup, who discusses the history of financial crises and the outlook for managed funds.

John Lothian Newsletter: LME Investors Approve Sale To HKEx; New York Fed Faces Questions Over Policing Wall Street; ASX And SGX Set To Share Access To Data John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

Voting day has arrived, and the shareholders of the London Metal Exchange vote in favor of a sale to HKEx.  The New York Fed faces pointed questions about why it saw problems with LIBOR rates, yet felt no inclination to actually let anyone outside the system know about them.  If they can’t merge, they can still cooperate:  exchanges in Australia and Singapore agree to share data center resources.  In today’s First Read, Jim Kharouf points out unsavory aspects of a new lawsuit that dredges up old accusations.

John Lothian Newsletter: NYSE’s Head Of Technologies Business Resigns; Deutsche Boerse Signs Up Seven Banks for Interest-Rate Clearing; ASX Signs Confidentiality Agreement Mulling Link Buy John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

NYSE Euronext flags its second major executive departure in two days, as NYSE Technologies chief Stanley Young heads for the exit. Deutsche Boerse’s Eurex exchange signs up a full hand of banks to use its new EurexOTC platform that will debut later this year. Australia’s ASX signs nondisclosure agreements with Link Market Services, as it lines up a possible purchase of that company. The CFTC issues subpoenas to JPMorgan over their Whale Trade, in order to more closely examine it for impropriety.

John Lothian Newsletter: CME Group, LCH.Clearnet offer new margining solutions; ASX Chairman Gonski to Step Down, Manage Australia SWF; SGX Adds Trading Hubs in London, Chicago John Lothian Newsletter,Newsletter

CME Group (on Tuesday) and LCH.Clearnet (on Wednesday) each debut new solutions to allow clients to margin their positions in a more cost-effective way. The chairman of the ASX quits his job to take on a new role of managing a big chunk of Australia’s sovereign wealth fund. SGX teams up with Eurex and NYSE Technologies to interconnect trading networks. In today’s super-heavyweight Boca edition of the JLN, you’ll also find stories about Walt Lukken as a plumber; analysis of the effects of MF Global on the futures industry; major new product and service offerings from CBOE, Trading Technologies, ISE…

Five Minutes with David Stocken Interview,Options,Regulation

David Stocken

David Stocken is Senior Manager, Institutional Sales, at the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). He sat down with Sarah Rudolph at the Options Industry Conference in Savannah to talk about some recent changes to ASX’s market structure and opportunities for US institutional investors to trade ASX options. Q: Tell me a little about what you guys are doing at ASX? A: The Australian Exchange is at the conference for two reasons. We want to promote the SEC relief that we have over our market and we want to promote some significant market structure changes we have recently made. ASX has received…