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Hamilton the Musical is a Market Obsession Blog,Commentary

Hamilton the Musical is a Market Obsession

Since I first heard of Hamilton the musical I have wanted to see it. So have my kids. And my staff.  I am a big Alexander Hamilton fan. There is a lot of demand to see this Broadway musical, and I confess that seeing it has become an obsession of mine. I was advised recently that I have included a few too many Hamilton references in the newsletter, and that I should concentrate more on the important issues of the day – market structure, market regulation, algorithmic trading, listed versus OTC markets, futures and options. This is my rebuttal. The…

Rolling Over Debt Commentary

John Lothian

Alexander Hamilton must have rolled over in his grave on Friday when Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of the U.S., the very thing Hamilton worked to turn from below junk to AAA before there were bond ratings. As the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton was involved in the first grand deal surrounding U.S. debt and the assumption of debt from the states, creating the U.S. Treasury market that became the international standard it still is today. In order to get that deal done, Hamilton had to agree to move the capitol of the U.S. from New York…