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Firms of the Future: Regulation, Technology and Finding Your Niche

In this special report on the state of the futures industry, John Lothian News spoke with several key FCM and proprietary trading firm executives to discuss today’s challenges and opportunities ...


A Tangled Web: Exploring The Explosive U.S. Growth Of Options On Futures


Kevin Wolf, Eris Exchange – Market Structure Change Presents Commercial Opportunity



Kevin Wolf, Eris Exchange – Market Structure Change Presents Commercial Opportunity

“When I worked at Lehman, periodically people would tell me that I looked like Dick Fuld, and I thought that was pretty cool, especially when I was rising up in the ranks. I don’t find that amusin...


Justin Schack, Rosenblatt Securities – Making Modern Market Structure

“The whole point of Reg NMS was to deal with the 10 years of change that had a...


Kenny Polcari, O’Neil Securities – Charting a Career

“Let me go and check this out. I’m either going to love (an intern j...


Kristin Boggiano, Guggenheim Partners – It’s a Jungle Out There

“You’re going to reinvent yourself your whole career. It’s not...


Adena Friedman, Nasdaq – Exchanges: Drivers and Beneficiaries of Change

“Today, exchanges are, at their core, technology companies as well as mark...



Dealing with structural complexity in global derivatives markets; The VIX – Not So Fearsome Af

Observations & Insight Run Gary Run By Jim Kharouf It has been almost two years since Gary Gensler left the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as perhaps its most talked about, debated and in so...


FIA And FIA Japan Sign Formal Affiliation Agreement; Cleared SWAPs Derivatives Are Not Too Popular,

Observations & Insight Cubs Win Puts FIA EXPO in Better Mood By John J. Loth...

stock market index

Fund buyers divided as index ‘mega deals’ look set to dry up; A Closer Look at the VIX a

Observations & Insight Firms of the Future: Regulation, Technology and Findi...

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Traders of ETF Options Deviate From Forecasters on OPEC Deal; OCC Comments on Essential Aspects of C

Observations & Insight Welcome to FIA EXPO Week By John J. Lothian Welcome t...


Huge trade offers chance to make $17 million if stocks tank; Oil Speculators Most Bullish Since ’1

Observations & Insight Today we present you with a new feature article, exam...