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MarketsWiki Education

MarketsWiki Education (“MWE”) is a program launched by John Lothian News in 2013 to help educate and inspire the next generation of market users and industry professionals through a series of live events.

Events have been held in Chicago, New York, London and Stockholm. The 2017 events are scheduled for July 11-12 in New York and July 17, 19 and 21 in Chicago.

These events feature top professionals in our industry, giving students, interns and young professionals their personal perspectives on careers, trends and opportunities in the financial industry. Events provide key insights into all aspects of the financial world from technology to exchanges, products, regulation, marketing and trading. You never know when you might hear that presentation or bit of knowledge that changes your mind, or changes your career.

There is a MarketsWiki Education website that hosts all of the video produced from the events located at


What is MarketsWiki Education?

MarketsWiki Education was launched in 2013 with our inaugural MWE World of Opportunity Summer Intern Education Series in Chicago. We have since taken the series to New York (2015, 2016), Stockholm (2017) and London (2014, 2015, 2016). 

The series is aimed at educating, informing and attracting new entrants to the financial and commodity markets by giving them short, personal and insightful presentations by notable industry figures, professionals and educators.

The videos are a permanent record of the events to help reach a global audience to promote career development in our industry and participation in our markets.

Contact us at for further information on registration, or John Lothian for information on sponsorship.

You can find videos from all our events on or on the MarketsWiki Education YouTube channel, but here are a few of our favorites:

Matthew Scharpf, Eurex – Trading with a Creative Mind

Matthew Scharpf, vice president of sell side business development for Eurex, gives a unique look at systems in the financial industry and how we can connect new pieces together to create innovation. Using his guitar and knowledge of music, Scharpf explains how individual notes can be combined into chords and used in a variety of instances to create different songs. And even when it may seem like there are some limitations in songwriting, different tools and methods can help facilitate the creation of something new. Scharpf compares this system to the financial industry and tells his audience how this type of thinking also applies to their careers. There may be times when different parts of a system utilized with other tools can create something new and innovative. It’s just a matter of thinking outside the box.


Sandra Ro, CME Group – Bitcoin and Blockchain

Sandra Ro is a veteran in the world of bitcoin and blockchain, which simply means that she has been following the cryptocurrency and its underlying technology for over two years. In this MarketsWiki Education talk, Ro takes us through the nascent world of digital currencies, from the volatility of bitcoin, to the rise of blockchain technology and massive investments being made by venture capitalists, banks and other strategic investors. According to Ro, the next few decades are going to be exciting.


Lee Hodgkinson, Euronext – Everything is Possible

Roger Bannister, Clarence “Captain” Birdseye and Fedex founder Fred Smith all have one thing in common – they each proved that something previously declared “impossible” was not impossible, just really difficult. Whether it is the 4-minute mile, flash-frozen vegetables or getting a package delivered “absolutely, positively, anywhere overnight,” it can be done, says Euronext UK CEO Lee Hodgkinson in this MarketsWiki Education talk. He says that achieving the impossible requires focus, persistence and determination.

Nothing is impossible, says Hodgkinson, except running slowly while moving your arms really fast, and trying to eat three donuts in one minute without licking your lips. Not even Roger Bannister could achieve that feat.


Kapil Rathi, BATS  –  Confidence

“What are your opportunities?  You’re starting with a clean slate.  You haven’t done anything wrong to anyone — yet. Nobody hates you day one. I call it the honeymoon period.”

If you’re starting a new job, have your house in order, literally.  Kapil Rathi, vice president of options business strategy with BATS, focused his talk on the all-important moments at the very beginning of a new job or career.  While confidence is key in nearly all endeavors, there are some simple steps that, if executed properly, put people in a position to succeed before even completing day one.