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Five Minutes with Thomas F. Callahan Standard

Thomas Callahan

NYSE Liffe U.S., the U.S. futures exchange of NYSE Euronext (NYX), Monday launched Eurodollar futures products to coincide with the launch of New York Portfolio Clearing (NYPC), a new clearing joint venture with The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). Thomas F. Callahan, CEO, NYSE Liffe U.S. answered some questions about the launch for JLN Senior Editor/Producer Christine Nielsen. Q: How would you describe the first day of trading in NYSE Liffe U.S.’ Eurodollar futures contracts? What were the volume and open interest levels? Are these levels what you’d expected? Why or why not? What do you expect to see…

Five Minutes with Floyd Converse Standard

Floyd Converse

SwapClear is a global clearing service for over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate swaps run by LCH.Clearnet Ltd. According to the company, SwapClear currently clears more than 40 percent of the interest rate swap market, representing trades with a total notional principal of $252 trillion. Head of sales and marketing in the U.S. for SwapClear, Floyd Converse, fielded some questions from John Lothian News senior editor and producer Christine Nielsen. Q: Please tell me a little about the U.S. SwapClear FCM service. What is the goal of that service? A: We are excited about the announcement and launch of our FCM model…

Five Minutes with Scott Skyrm Standard

Scott Skyrm

Scott Skyrm, global head of money markets and repo for Newedge, says he always knew he’d be involved in the financial industry. In a recent interview with MarketsWiki Senior Editor/Producer Christine Nielsen, he speculated that when the economy does turn it will turn very quickly, and the markets will become very volatile. Q: Please describe your role at Newedge. When did you join the company? A: I am the global head of money markets and repo. We have two trading/sales desks in New York, two in London and one in Paris. money market products include bank CD’s, commercial paper and…

NYSE Liffe U.S. Prepares to Become the Sole U.S. Exchange for MSCI-based Futures – FAQs Standard

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Is NYSE Liffe U.S. prepared to accommodate the additional volume following the migration of order flow and open interest in MSCI index-based equity futures from other exchanges? How robust is the Exchange’s technology? NYSE Liffe U.S. already lists and trades futures on MSCI EAFE and MSCI EM Indices. Our fully electronic platform is powered by the proven, market leading LIFFE CONNECT technology, featuring high speed, sophisticated functionality and a variety of advanced connectivity solutions. LIFFE CONNECT has matched more than 4 million contracts per day in 2010 year-to-date on NYSE Liffe’s European markets.

Five Minutes with Neal Wolkoff (October 2010) Standard

Neal Wolkoff

Neal Wolkoff is the CEO of ELX Futures, L.P. He was named to the position on Oct. 6, 2008. Previously, he had been CEO of the American Stock Exchange prior to its acquisition by NYSE. At issue as of late for ELX Futures is that an exchange for futures (EFF) block-trade mechanism offered by ELX Futures allows traders to move their Treasury futures positions from one exchange to the other. CME Group has claimed ELX’s EFF violates CME’s rules. Both exchanges have petitioned the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to decide the issue. Wolkoff talked with MarketsWiki Senior Editor/ Producer…

Five Minutes with Rex Jones Standard

Rex Jones is the product manager in German interest rate options at Eurex. JLN Options Newsletter editor Sarah Rudolph spoke with him about the recent launch of options on the VSTOXX index and what’s next for the exchange’s volatility and variance products. (“The VSTOXX Index is based on EURO STOXX 50 realtime options prices and is designed to reflect the market expectations of near-term volatility by measuring the square root of the implied variance across all options of a given time to expiration.” – STOXX web site) Q: When did Eurex launch options on the VSTOXX index? A: We launched…

Five Minutes with Scot Warren Standard

Scot Warren

Scot Warren is the managing director of equity index products at CME Group. After the successful launch of a new joint venture with the Dow Jones Index Business and the recently announced licensing agreement with the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) to launch volatility products, Warren sat down with MarketsWiki’s Jessica Titlebaum to discuss what’s driving their initiatives in the equity index space. Q. What does it mean to say one of your responsibilities is to globalize the equity index products? A: It is about making it relevant. One of the highest-level strategies we have in the equity index complex…

Five Minutes with Philip Gocke Standard

Philip Gocke is managing director of institutional education for the Options Industry Council. In that role, he develops and implements research and education for institutional investors to help them understand how they might best use options. He is also president of Brite Sky LLC, the personal options trading firm he founded and runs from Philadelphia. He spoke with JLN Options editor Sarah Rudolph about his start in the business, high frequency trading and good books. Q: How did you begin your career in options? A: I was at the Federal Reserve and when left I joined Bank of America and…

Five Minutes with John Prestbo Standard

John Prestbo

John Prestbo, editor and executive director of Dow Jones Indexes, spoke with JLN’s Jim Kharouf about his start in journalism with The Wall Street Journal, his experience with Dow Jones Indexes and his hobby, painting. Q: You’ve been around the markets for more than 30 years, what would say have been the biggest changes in the markets during that time? A: Electronic trading would have to be at the top of the list. Trading happens a lot faster and a lot cleaner than it used to. Commissions are a lot lower. That’s another way of saying that competition has increased…