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The Chicago Ecosystem For Crypto Assets And Blockchain Technology – Colleen Sullivan, CMT Digital Standard

“In order to have a healthy ecosystem for a new industry you really need four components. One is government involvement/regulatory clarity, two is academic institution involvement, three is trade associations and other advocacy groups and the fourth is the involvement of the startup community and mature institutions.”  The state of Illinois has been involved early and often in the cryptocurrency space. In this MarketsWiki Education video, Colleen Sullivan, CEO of CMT Digital, talks about what differentiates Chicago from other cities when it comes to digital assets.   Produced by Mike Forrester    

Rules for CEOs, Senior Managers, Interns and Bob’s Kids – Bob Fitzsimmons, Wedbush Standard

“Understand the implications, the ramifications of what you do – what it does downstream and what it does upstream. Understand the whole process.”  What do “Patton,” “The Right Stuff” and “Goodfellas” have in common? They’re all used by Bob Fitzsimmons, executive price president at Wedbush Securities, to illustrate commonsense, but not necessarily common, rules to live by.    Produced by Mike Forrester

The Growing Value of Data – Oliver Albers, Nasdaq Standard

“When I started in this business, data was very, very uncool. Trust me.”  Data is not uncool any longer. Consider that every minute there are more than 12 million texts sent and more than 4.3 million YouTube videos watched. It is estimated that humanity’s accumulated digital data haul will be more than 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020.  There is even a band called Big Data.  In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s New York event, Nasdaq’s Oliver Albers, senior vice president and head of strategic partnerships for global information services, talks about the value to be had in the ever-growing data economy. …

Lessons from My Crypto Career Risk – Tim McCourt, CME Group Standard

“[In July 2000, my boss] said, ‘Tim, tomorrow, you’re going to start on the equity derivatives desk at JP Morgan.’ I was like, ‘Fantastic. I’m super excited.’ I go home, no one really has a laptop, I got my  first cell phone two weeks before – it’s not web-enabled – so I go bring out a red Merriam-Webster dictionary and look up ‘equity’ and ‘derivative.’ All right, I’m ready for my first day tomorrow. I had no idea what it was. But that didn’t stop me. ”  Tim McCourt, managing director, global head of equity products and alternative investments at…

Avoiding Spoofing Shortfalls – Renato Mariotti, Thompson Coburn Standard

  Renato Mariotti prosecuted Michael Coscia for spoofing as a federal prosecutor, ran for Illinois attorney general and can frequently be seen on cable television commenting on current events.  So when he talks about spoofing and markets, as he does in this MarketsWiki Education video, take heed. Now a partner at Thompson Coburn, Mariotti is defending Jitesh Thakkar against spoofing charges.  Produced by Mike Forrester

Cognitive Flexibility in Finance – Kevin Darby, Blue Trading Systems Standard

“Don’t over-engineer it. There’s a huge tendency, especially for technical people, to make up complexity.” The problems Kevin Darby, managing partner at Blue Trading Systems, encounters as a fintech vendor are very different from those he faced as an index options market maker. In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s Chicago event, Darby talks about tackling an ever-changing problem set as your career evolves, as well as what Pac-Man and futures trading have in common.   Produced by Mike Forrester and Patrick Lothian  

Discussing “InfoSec” – Mike Phillips, VSEC Standard

“How many small or medium business can survive a $3.5 million hit? When small and medium business get hit, they typically go out of business. When the big ones get hit, know what they do? They change their names.” If it is connected then it can be hacked, says Mike Phillips, a founding partner of VSEC, an information and cyber security firm. And there is a lot to be connected – by 2020 it is estimated some 50 billion devices will be on the web.  In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s Chicago event, Phillips talks about the state of information…

How to Spot Financial Fraud – John Hague Standard

“As an auditor, if I start to look at recurring transactions and I ask the question, ‘What’s the economic purpose for this transaction?’ and I don’t get the right answer, I keep asking that question.”  Before Barings Bank went belly-up, John Hague, recently retired from RSM, recalls giving a presentation to back office personnel. Some Barings people were there – apparently they didn’t pay attention to Hague’s talk. In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s Chicago event, Hague reviews some well known frauds, the characteristics they share and some of the best market movies to watch.     Produced by Mike Forrester…

Why Fundamentals are Important – Dan Basse, AgResource Standard

“If you want to be a really good trader… understand the cash markets to the best of your ability. Crawl inside of them so you know what’s going on.”  After years of market focus shifting away from fundamental analysis, Dan Basse, president of AgResource,  thinks the pendulum is finally swinging back. In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s Chicago event, Basse talks about a few essential tools everyone should have to help analyze agricultural futures markets.    Produced by Mike Forrester and Patrick Lothian