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Impact: Navigating Regulation and What Comes Next, Part 3 Standard

At FIA Expo 2016, JLN spoke with a variety of participants in today’s markets about the ongoing effects of regulation and what those mean for the future of their businesses.   In Part 3 of our three-part series, Matt Rees, chief relationship officer at R.J. O’Brien; Justin Llewellyn-Jones, COO of Fidessa; Geoff Sharp, managing director and head of sales at Eris Exchange; David Widerhorn, CEO of Neurensic; and Alex Lamb, head of business development Americas and head of marketing with Technancial, spoke about the increasing complexity and cost of regulations, in particular for FCMs, and the opportunities to be had…

Impact: Navigating Regulation and What Comes Next, Part 1 Standard

At FIA Expo 2016, JLN spoke with a variety of participants in today’s markets about the ongoing effects of regulation and what those mean for the future of their businesses.   In Part 1 of our three-part series, Phupinder Gill, CEO of CME Group; Drew Shields, CTO of Trading Technologies; Dave Snowdon, co-founder, director and CTO of Metamako; and Hazem Dawani, president and CEO of OptionsCity, provide their thoughts on subjects ranging from issues with MiFID II clock synchronization to the shifting clearing landscape.  

Downey’s Takes FIA Innovator Award Standard

Market data and information service looks to disrupt the Bloomberg and Reuters space with new ultra-low priced offering The winner of the FIA’s first ever competition for Innovator of the Year at the 2016 Expo in Chicago was, which was chosen by a panel of industry experts from 18 finalist companies picked from a larger group of fintech applicants. The company, started in 2014 by CEO Morgan Downey, aims to provide the same type of market information as Bloomberg and Reuters for 1/15 of the cost. is trying to disrupt the market information space, which pulls in $26…

CFTC’s Massad Recaps 2016 Standard

Chairman says Reg AT is next big item on the list to finish before yearend. The futures industry’s regulator had several initiatives in 2016 but the top items were tackling the issue of cybersecurity, margin and the upcoming finalization of automated trading rules. On cybersecurity, the CFTC adopted rules for the exchanges, clearing houses, trading platforms and trade repositories that require more testing of platforms and systems to make them more secure. “That’s probably the biggest single threat to financial stability in our markets today,” said Timothy Massad, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, who spoke with John Lothian…

Run Gary Run Standard

It has been almost two years since Gary Gensler left the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as perhaps its most talked about, debated and in some circles, despised chairman. To some, his unrelenting drive to pound home rules established by the Dodd-Frank Act was considered a declaration of war against the derivatives industry. To his supporters, his determination was lauded, and he was considered one of the guys who was ready to stand up to Wall Street and LaSalle Street all in the name of Main Street. Now Gensler has grabbed attention this week at the FIA Expo in Chicago. On…

Women in Fintech Panel at Expo Highlights Problems and Solutions Standard

Both women and men gave high marks to the Women in Listed Derivatives-sponsored panel on Women Who Shape Fintech, moderated by Diane Saucier, the president of WILD and client relationship manager at Fitch Learning. Some of the takeaways were: There is still a “confidence gap” between men and women. For example, women are often hesitant to apply for a particular job unless they meet 100 percent of the qualification requirements, whereas men often take a chance even if they only meet 70 percent. Only about 7 percent of entrepreneurs getting funding are women. And there are even fewer in fintech….

A Tangled Web: Exploring The Explosive U.S. Growth Of Options On Futures Standard

Options on futures volumes have been on the rise since the financial crisis. To explore the reasons for the trend, John Lothian News spoke with a variety of industry participants over the course of the summer.  The cause of the increasing volumes is an amalgam of larger trends in the financial industry, and the effects are a bright spot in an overall dark landscape.   Click here to view the article.         

Kevin Wolf, Eris Exchange – Market Structure Change Presents Commercial Opportunity Standard

“When I worked at Lehman, periodically people would tell me that I looked like Dick Fuld, and I thought that was pretty cool, especially when I was rising up in the ranks. I don’t find that amusing anymore.” The fall of Lehman Brothers ushered in a period of regulatory change, with one of the goals being to trim the use of OTC swaps and instead have more centrally cleared products. Given the huge size of that market – at the end of 2014 there was $400 trillion notional outstanding – this regulatory shift presented an opportunity. That’s where Eris Exchange…

Justin Schack, Rosenblatt Securities – Making Modern Market Structure Standard

“The whole point of Reg NMS was to deal with the 10 years of change that had already happened — that of course made things even more complex. And there are things about Regulation NMS that we’re dealing with today that some people find problematic. But it is not a new thing and it’s just another block in what I like to call the Jenga tower of market structure.” It always pays to have an understanding of history, especially when mass media latches onto a storyline and refuses to let go. In the wake of the financial crisis, one of…