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Diving into Russell Reconstitution Day Standard

Today is reconstitution day for Russell indices. It’s a huge volume day for exchanges as holdings are adjusted, but the market has proven more than capable at digesting that volume without much volatility. In this video, Sean Smith, FTSE Russell’s managing director of derivatives licenses, talks about the reconstitution process and FTSE Russell’s relationship with Chicago exchanges.    Produced by Mike Forrester

Untangling the Execution Landscape Standard

One vendor, two vendor, red vendor, blue vendor – how many vendors does your company utilize for trading activity? In this video from IDX in London, Fidessa’s head of business development, derivatives, Russell Thornton talks about brokers’ need to find a one-stop shop for their execution needs and Fidessa’s GT workstation.   Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar

Brexit’s Influence on Global Markets Standard

MiFID II was more than 20,000 pages with 21 million paragraphs of regulation. Considering its scope, things have gone rather smoothly since it went into effect in January. But for Simon Puleston Jones, FIA’s head of Europe, there is no time to rest on the laurels of a successful implementation with Brexit looming.  Brexit cuts across all the other issues on FIA’s plate in Europe. One aspect of MiFID II left unresolved is equivalence assessments, which are impacted by Brexit. The Emir review this year, with its third party clearing components, is impacted by Brexit. (It makes sense the FIA…

Montréal Exchange’s Luc Fortin Says It’s All About The Time Standard

Market to Expand Hours and Revamp It’s 5-Year Bond Luc Fortin, the president and CEO of Montréal Exchange, is looking to expand the exchange’s reach this year with new extended hours starting in October, which will grab more of the European time zone as well as its interest rate suite in the second half of the year. It is one of the last G7 exchanges to offer longer trading hours, so the move will put the Canadian derivatives market on a more equal footing with other markets. “The concept of trading the market on your time is something we’re very…

Born Tech’s Haworth on MiFID II’s Real-Time Problems Standard

MiFID II may have been implemented in January, but that does not mean that everyone in markets was adequately prepared. Certain aspects of the regulation, such as unbundling, were widely understood, but MiFID’s RTS 6 obligation might have some participants still adjusting. RTS 6 requires that firms engaging in direct electronic access (DEA) or algorithmic trading monitor their activities and markets in real-time for “disorderly trading.” In this video, Born Technology’s CEO Derek Haworth talks about some of these challenges stemming from MiFID II.   Produced by Mike Forrester

TT’s Biondo Says AI Can Tackle Spoofing And More Standard

It’s been eight months since Trading Technologies purchased AI-driven regulatory software firm Neurensic. Since then the firm has integrated the software into the TT platform and rebranded the service as TT Score. Jay Biondo, product manager, surveillance at Trading Technologies, spoke with John Lothian News at the FIA IDX 2018 conference about how the technology can be adapted to multiple market users from trading firms to regulators. The software is designed to find and alert firms of trading patterns that may be questionable or potentially illegal. Biondo said the firm is looking to ramp up alerting with a method called…

FIA IDX 2018 – Stuart Williams Says ICE Interest Rates Heating Up Standard

Stuart Williams, president of ICE Futures Europe, said regulatory and macro-economic trends are putting some wind behind its interest rate complex, a welcome sign for a market that stagnated during the post-2008 crisis. Speaking with John Lothian News at the FIA IDX conference in London in June, Williams said industry adoption of MIFiD 2 rules beginning in January, rising interest rates and the uncertainty of Brexit should continue to bolster volumes in these markets in the coming months. “It’s been the combination of political uncertainty in the UK not only driving Sterling, but also Europe, which has been driving our…

CME’s Options Electronification Boom and Global Participation Standard

CME Group’s deal to acquire NEX and become a Treasury behemoth grabbed recent headlines, overshadowing the fact that the exchange group’s options franchise has been growing like gangbusters on the screen and globally.  Recent records – there are a slew – are no happy accident.  In this video, Derek Sammann, ‎CME’s senior managing director, global head of commodities and options products, covers the catalysts behind this multi-year growth story.     Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar

Dash CEO on Buy-Out and SEC Fee Pilot Standard

In March, Dash Financial Technologies co-founders Peter Maragos and David Karat, in partnership with private equity firm Flexpoint Ford, acquired Dash in a management led buyout.  In this video, Dash CEO Maragos describes the thought process behind the buyout, the outlook for the firm’s equities and options businesses, and the issues with the SEC’s proposed fee pilot.    Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Spencer Doar