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John Lothian Written CFTC Hearing Testimony on Metals Position Limits Standard

Hello. I am very pleased to have been asked by the Commission to testify at this hearing. I am the president & CEO of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., a market focused new media firm and Commodity Trading Advisor. In addition to being a CTA, I am a futures broker. In the latter, I am president of the Electronic Trading Division of The Price Futures Group, Inc., a Chicago-based Introducing Broker. I am here representing my own views. At my last visit to the Commission, I noted that futures markets have two primary functions; price discovery and risk transfer….

JLN Exclusive: Trading Technologies’ Potent Patent Portfolio Standard

Trading Technologies

TT Files New Lawsuits, Adds New Patents to Existing Lawsuits Yesterday, Trading Technologies International filed a patent lawsuit in United States District Court Northern District of Illinois against Cunningham Trading Systems and Interactive Brokers. Also, TT has added to the original patents claims from what was previously asserted in their legal actions against SunGard/GL/FuturePath, BGC and CQG. According to Steve Borsand, TT’s patent attorney, despite the new filings, TT is hoping to encourage commercial solutions in which it would license what it believes to be valuable innovations. TT’s believes it has the largest portfolio of electronic trading patents, which now totals over…

NYSE Liffe US Renews Sponsorship of JLN Metals Edition through 2010 Standard

John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce NYSE Liffe US has renewed its sponsorship of JLN Metals Edition. NYSE Liffe US is pleased to continue its highly successful sponsorship of the JLN Metals Edition through 2010. The current precious metals market is extremely dynamic, so it is essential for our clients to have comprehensive, reliable information and analysis. The JLN Metals Edition provides this to them every day,” said Thomas Callahan, CEO, NYSE Liffe US.

Chicago Event this weekend-Jasper Against Batten Standard

THE MOST FUN AFTERNOON FOR YOUR FAMILY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER… What could be better than a really fun, very affordable, afternoon of amazing activities for the kids, with great food and prizes on a cold Sunday afternoon…with football on large flat-screen TVs?? Answer: The fact that this tax-deductible donation will go toward saving the life of one of our own little boys and so many children suffering with a deadly disease now! We really hope you will join us this Sunday!Event Details: The Lakeshore Athletic Club will be hosting: A Birthday Bash Against Batten: A Family Day of…

The Media Challenge of 2010 Standard

Back in 2007 when we decided to build a wiki I was not sure what the future of journalism was going to look like.  Today, with many newspapers around the U.S. in bankruptcy, others being sold and magazines dropping like flies, it was clear disruptive change was running rampant. To put it in market terms, newspapers were in the open outrcy business in a quickly moving electronic trading era and did not know what to do about it.  I thought new media company and product models were called for and building MarketsWiki was our first step towards creating one. Today…

Response from Tom Griffo to The Atlantic magazine article “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” Standard

John, I’m a bit surprised that you would give such prominence in your newsletter to The Atlantic magazine article “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” Written by Hanna Rosin, the article is simply a misleading, agenda-driven and poorly reported piece of anti-Christian dreck. Maybe you were just looking to provoke a reaction. If so, you succeeded. It’s of course no secret that Christianity is increasingly under attack. (After all, the “holiday” season and “holiday” shopping are almost upon us, and before long we will be singing “holiday” songs around the “holiday” tree.) But to even suggest that Christianity has anything to…

Reflection on Pepper’s Closing from John Hagerty Standard

 From John Hagerty: It’s true, I went over there to get some lunch and they had already shut it down. I tried to get in the door but it was locked, the owner and his wife were in there and they gave me the same blank look ( total non recognition) that they’ve always given me, even though by my calculations I’ve been in there at least 1200 times in the last 23 years(23years x 52). That’s only allowing for 1 visit per week, in the early days it was 2 or 3 visits per week. God I’m going to…

Boy Scout Popcorn Sale Standard

As many of you know my sons Timothy and Robert and I are deeply involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Every year to support the activities of the Pack, Troop and boys, the boys have sold popcorn to fund their activities. With my help, they are asking you again for you support. While there was no pie throwing at the FIA Expo this year, there is a good chance I could again be the target of pies with your support of Tim’s popcorn sales. You see, this past year I have become the Scoutmaster of Tim’s troop. The good…