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Rudolph is managing editor of John Lothian News (JLN).

An Interview with Philip Gocke Standard

Philip Gocke is managing director of institutional education for the Options Industry Council. In that role, he develops and implements research and education for institutional investors to help them understand how they might best use options. He is also president of Brite Sky LLC, the personal options trading firm he founded and runs from Philadelphia.  He is interviewed by Sarah Rudolph.SR:  How did you begin your career in options?PG: I was at the Federal Reserve and when left I joined Bank of America and ran their advisory service for corporations that traded foreign currencies. I was transferred to their world…

An Interview with Darrin Machay, Architect at YJT Solutions Standard

Darrin Machay, Architect at YJT Solutions, a Chicago-based technology consulting firm, recently spoke with Sarah Rudolph about some of the biggest technology challenges facing the options industry.SR: How long have you been at YJT? Machay: I’ve been at YJT over a year now. I remember the day I started here, September 15, 2008, because the markets had started going crazy — my first week here. I witnessed firsthand the intense, immediate response level to our clients, and it was pretty impressive. SR: What brought you to YJT? Machay: I wanted to get into a firm where I’d be working on…

An Interview with Tony McCormick, CEO of BOX Standard

Tony McCormick took over as head of the Boston Options Exchange (BOX) in October as the exchange decided to revamp its model to focus on retail rather than institutional trade and to abandon the maker-taker model. He came to BOX with many years of experience in the options industry, having been vice president of equity options at Charles Schwab for 11 years as well as serving on the boards of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He spoke with Sarah Rudolph about some of the issues facing BOX and the options business….

Five Minutes with Chip Dempsey Standard

Chip Dempsey

Chip Dempsey’s career has included stints as a futures trader and interbank FX dealer, senior vice president in charge of sales and strategy at CQG and SVP of sales, strategy and marketing at SunGard Futures Systems. Most recently, he was senior VP of The Clearing Corporation, which he helped to turn around after it was severed from the Chicago Board of Trade, thus losing its main customer. He is currently a consultant and “rainmaker” based out of Boulder. He is involved with a variety of exchange-related projects, for which he travels extensively. Most recently, he spent time in Africa, helping…

Five Minutes with David Silverman Standard

David Silverman

David Silverman is the chief operating officer of the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), which was founded by Ocean Tomo. He began his career in 1982 trading futures in the pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, then left in the 1990s to start his own trading arcade. He was elected to the CME Board of directors four times and was a candidate for CME chairman in 1998, but lost by two votes. He spent a few minutes talking to JLN editor Sarah Rudolph. Q: How did you get involved with the Intellectual Property Exchange? A: I was doing consulting work…