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Forrester is a video editor with John Lothian News.

Under The Crypto Hood With CMT Digital Standard

You can trade cryptocurrencies on a screen but that doesn’t mean they have a ton in common with traditional assets. John Lothian News Contributing Editor Chuck Mackie sat down with three members of CMT Digital to discuss the challenges posed by digital assets. Colleen Sullivan, CMT Digital’s CEO, talks about the missing infrastructure needed to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream market. Rob Walker, CMT CTO, discusses market fragmentation and the accelerated pace at which crypto is evolving. Finally, Brad Koeppen, head of cryptocurrency trading at CMT, talks about adapting to cryptocurrencies’ sprawling ecosystem. Produced by Mike Forrester  Interview Conducted by…

MWE World of Opportunity – What is ESG? Standard

“By assessing the underlying issues of these three broad categories, a company can get a better understanding of the holistic risks that can affect their bottom line.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in New York, Jaclyn Bouchard of S&P Global talks about how environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are impacting investing and why every company should care.   Produced by Mike Forrester

Riding the Regtech Wave with Voice Tech – Nader Shwayhat, GreenKey Technologies Standard

There are a number of angles playing into the evolution of GreenKey Technologies’ voice recognition business over the past year. The consumer sector saw the continued rise of voice assistants – who doesn’t know Alexa? Advancements in machine learning allowed GreenKey to develop its technology in ways impossible four years ago. Regulatory edicts forced companies to continue to up their compliance game and the big data boom continued to push firms to unlock information already contained in-house. Moreover, Greenkey’s relationships with IPC and OpenFin show the company’s willingness to collaborate to expand its reach. In this seventh video from JLN’s…

Bringing Crypto To The In(stitutional) Crowd – Rick Lane, Trading Technologies Standard

Rick Lane, CEO of Trading Technologies, hits the nail on the head when he says that you can’t walk the halls of a conference like FIA Boca and not hear murmurs of “crypto” just about everywhere you go. In this third video of JLN’s annual series with industry leaders, Lane talks more about TT’s work with GDAX in the cryptocurrency space and the necessity for industry service providers to harness the copious amounts of data they love to talk about. Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by Jim Kharouf

2017’s Low Volatility Was Not a Problem – Julie Winkler, CME Standard

The industry will remember 2017 for the lack of volatility in markets despite global geopolitical uncertainty. But as the CME Group’s many new volume records show, that low vol regime didn’t seem to hurt the demand for risk mitigation on its platforms. In this second video of JLN’s annual series with industry leaders, CME Chief Commercial Officer Julie Winkler talks about the successful return of the Russell 2000 suite of products (CME’s largest sales campaign to date), the launch of bitcoin futures, the upcoming launch of the exchange’s Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) futures and the continuing issues with the…

Brexit, Bitcoin and Benchmarks – Garry Jones Standard

Former Liffe and LME CEO Garry Jones kicks off JLN’s annual series of interviews with industry leaders at FIA Boca. In this year’s series of some 20 videos, executives from exchanges, fintech companies and service providers give their outlook on the coming year and state of the industry.  Jones, no longer under his LME non-compete, talks about the challenge of Brexit, the hurdles facing cryptocurrency trading in Europe and the potential effects of new Chinese product launches on global benchmarks.  Produced by Mike Forrester Interview by John Lothian

The Spread – The (Out)Take from FIA Boca Standard

After much travel and a spell of ill health, we can confidently say The Spread is back in action. Our “weekly” options news recap will be much more of a weekly affair now. (Flu season is pretty much over, right?) The JLN crew was at FIA Boca last week and your humble host really struggled without our usual teleprompter rig. As such, welcome to a rambling, stumbling version of The Spread that includes some outtakes from my poor pool performance. If you just want the behind the scenes action, skip to the last minute. The following are stories referenced in…