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New Energy: Nasdaq Prepping For Launch Of Nasdaq Futures Standard

Nasdaq Futures was announced in March with a goal of shaking up the energy futures markets. Since then, Nasdaq’s team has been busy building infrastructure and signing up new members. The question is, will they challenge the likes of CME Group’s Nymex or the Intercontinental Exchange? Hans-Ole Jochumsen said that Nasdaq Futures, or NFX, has the model to compete with established markets. Its partnership with OCC will clear its natural gas, crude oil and power futures contracts at a mere 4 cents per side. That, coupled with the Nasdaq trading engine, GENIUM INET, that is common to many in the…

Swap Meet: Eris Exchange’s Neal Brady Sees Capital Efficiency Driving Growth of Standardized Swap Contracts Standard

In September 2009 the leaders of the G-20 met in Pittsburgh to hammer out a coordinated approach to regulatory reform. Chief among their concerns in the wake of the financial crisis was a lack of adequate capital backstopping the system. Now, several years later, Basel III and other capital rules are coming into into force, making efficient use of capital a global priority. As Eris Exchange’s swap futures contracts continue to set new volume and open interest records, Eris CEO Neal Brady sat down with John Lothian News editor-at-large Doug Ashburn to discuss the emergence of swap futures as an…

A Fresh Look: Gate 39’s Stiles Brings New Tear Sheets and CTA Database To Managed Futures Standard

Shane Stiles, founder of Gate 39 Media, hasn’t seen much he likes about the managed futures and hedge funds investor reports, so he built out a new tearsheet design application. Now he wants to help investors and fund managers find each other with a new database. Scroll down to see the entire story. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.    

Data and Fintech Rocking the Free World Standard

(Editor’s Note – Scroll down to see the entire story. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.)

FinTech Exchange Chicago Gets Democratic Standard

FinTech Exchange Chicago 2015, hosted by Barchart, was held on April 23 and featured a host of great speakers. Scroll down to see the “Best of the Lightning Round” video, or several of the full presentations. To see the full layout and design: click HERE.

FinTech Chicago Gets Democratic Standard

Today’s financial technology dialog is often about a word you don’t usually associate with it – democracy – bringing software, data, reporting, testing and trading to the masses. And it’s not just one size for everyone – its customizable too. At the FinTech Exchange 2015 Chicago event, 13 firm executives spoke during its lightning round and one prevailing theme was the shift in technology from “tools you can use” to “tools that help you design what you want.” Drew Shields, director of product management at Trading Technologies, said that his firm is more focused on using a variety of technology…

Long run: Jack Schwager talks traders, old and new Standard

Jack Schwager’s career runs from pre-financial futures markets to author of the Markets Wizard books to an online start-up today. As the recipient of the CTA Expo’s 2105 Lifetime Achievement Award in New York in April, he spoke with Jim Kharouf, editor-in-chief of John Lothian News about what he knows about about top traders and his new venture, Fundseeder, an online platform for the next generation of market wizards. For Schwager, top traders don’t just post profits, but have great risk management as well. “It doesn’t have to be complicated at all,” Schwager said of risk management systems. “Most risk…

Futures for Kids Day has spread to Chicago! Standard

Futures for Kids is a Charitable organisation which has been set-up and supported by a very large number of firms and people from across the Futures Industry (Banks, Brokers, Exchanges, Vendors…).   To date, they have raised over £2Million for a wide range of Children’s Charities, working to help some of the poorest Children in many countries across the world, including Nepal which we all know was recently devastated by a severe earthquake.  They are having a big fund-raiser this Friday 15th May , with a number of events being held in Europe / London called FFK Day.  Pierre, myself…

Clearing Evolution: Michael McClain on the changes at OCC Standard

Industry players are gearing up for this year’s Options Industry Conference. One of the key speakers at the event is Michael McClain, president and COO of The Options Clearing Corporation. We talked with McClain in advance of the conference about the changes at OCC and their effect on its resilience and risk management capability. He also looked at securities lending, options education, and the controversy over OCC’s capital plan. The company has made a number of management changes since it was designated a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility (SIFMU). The changes include increasing the number of public directors. The significant…