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Bergstrom is chief information officer of John J. Lothian & Co. He edits MarketsWiki and JLN Options.

JLN Options: Know Your Options: If You Build It, They Will Come Standard

Lead Stories Know Your Options: If You Build It, They Will Come Joy Rosenstein – Fidessa Corporation (via TABB Forum) As buy-side traders increasingly embrace options both as a profit-making strategy and as a way to hedge their portfolios, broker-dealers must add options-trading capabilities to remain competitive. Here are 5 questions firms must answer before building an options offering. ‘Bernanke Put’ is Back in Play Kaitlyn Kiernan – The Wall Street Journal The so-called “Bernanke Put” is back in play… The idea is that Mr. Bernanke and those policies will protect the market against downturns, much as put options,…

John Lothian Newsletter: A Trillion Dollar Source Of New Funding? The SEC’s New ‘Reg D’; U.S. Regulators Approve Stricter Trading Rules Overseas; Downside of a British E.U. Exit Standard

SEC ruling should help funding for early-stage ventures.  Regulators get compromise on cross-border regulations.  If Britain leaves the EU London may feel the pinch.

John Lothian Newsletter: Regulators Seek Stiffer Bank Rules on Capital; CME Foresees No Changes in NYSE-Libor Deal; Stock ‘fear gauge’ flawed, Citi equity trading chief says Standard

Details are emerging, as are analyses, of the NYSE Euronext takeover of LIBOR management. The CFTC may or may not have cross-border rules in place by Friday. The FDIC adds its capital rules to those approved last week at the Fed. And James Giddens, MF Global trustee, offers his view on how to avoid the next MF.

John Lothian Newsletter: Thomson Reuters to Suspend Early Peeks at Key Index; CFTC To Hold Open Meeting To Consider Cross-Border Final Guidance And Cross-Border Phase-In Exemptive Order; S&P to Argue Puffery Defense in First Courtroom Test Standard

Thomson-Reuters to stop delivering economic survey two seconds early to those who pay for the privilege.  CFTC announce public meeting regarding cross-border-swaps on Friday, July 12.  S&P claims reasonable investors would not believe their claims about credit ratings.

John Lothian Newsletter: MF Global ends bankruptcy as trustee Freeh steps down; Stock Exchanges Seek Curbs on Dark Pools to Fight Exodus; SAC Flap Is Liable to Hit Wall Street Standard

First Read How Well Do You Network? This is a Test. Jessica Titlebaum – Orc Group Some people say it’s money, but I think it’s networking events that make the world go ‘round. They give you an opportunity to establish and maintain connections as well as build a successful brand with a purpose. An industry event is the catalyst to take networking to the next level. With the summer season upon us, hopefully, I have gathered a list of upcoming events that you should make an appearance at in Chicago. Some are invite only, some are only for women and…

John Lothian Newsletter: IntercontinentalExchange Sees Global Pricing Fueling Trade in Gas Futures; NYSE CEO Tells SEC He Opposes New Exchange for Small Companies; Clubby London Trading Scene Fostered Libor Rate-Fixing Scandal Standard

IntercontinentalExchange hopes global pricing benchmarks for natural gas will help lift its own gas futures market.  NYSE CEO does not want the SEC endorsing the idea of a separate stock exchange for small companies.  Brokers at London’s Tullett Prebon reportedly took former RBS trader Neil Danziger to strip clubs and on trips to Las Vegas.

Five Minutes with Rob Newhouse (July 2012) Standard

Rob Newhouse

Rob Newhouse is the chief executive officer of Victor Technologies, a provider of trading and risk management applications. The company was formed when the Gargoyle Group, an options market-making firm, spun off its technology arm in 2010. He spoke with Sarah Rudolph and Jeff Bergstrom of John Lothian News about a new infusion of capital for the company, their growth strategies, and their technology offerings for options traders. Also see: Five Minutes with Rob Newhouse (April 2009) Q: Victor IB Holdings received equity funding from a group of private investors and financial industry veterans. What will this new infusion of…

Why the Internet is Going on Strike Standard

Jeff Bergstrom

As a media company dedicated to the financial sector, John J. Lothian & Company would not ordinarily comment on proposed legislation unrelated to the financial industry.  However, as a media company and one that is a particular fan of the First Amendment, we feel this issue is of import not only to us but to all our readers, as the potential effects of this proposed legislation will easily reach into all our lives and businesses. On January 18, a number of websites including Wikipedia, Reddit and BoingBoing will be going “dark” in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)…