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Bergstrom is chief information officer of John J. Lothian & Co. He edits MarketsWiki and JLN Options.

Buyer Beware: Hundreds of Bitcoin Wannabes Show Hallmarks of Fraud Standard


First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff In case you missed it in yesterday’s JLN, Wired’s piece featured the quote of the day from venture partner Jimmy Song, the blockchain skeptic. “You’re a hammer-thrower just looking for nails.”~JK There appears to be something important going on in London this weekend involving a train, a veil and lots of funny hats.~JJL The Pope says credit default swaps are unethical. Let this be the beginning of a discussion, not a jump to conclusions about CDS or what “ethics” mean in the business world versus the church world.~JJL Also, you can read the…

Crypto Markets News from John Lothian News – May 18, 2018 Standard

crypto markets update 2

Crypto Wealth Sinks $52 Billion in One Week Andrea Tan and Blake Schmidt – Bloomberg So much for the Blockchain Week bounce. With thousands of cryptocurrency diehards swarming into Manhattan for this week’s Consensus 2018 conference, the prediction from Bitcoin bulls like Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors was that the hype-filled gathering would trigger a market rally. / Switzerland seeks study of state-backed e-franc cryptocurrency Reuters Switzerland’s government has requested a report into the risks and opportunities of launching its own cryptocurrency, a so-called “e-franc” that would use technology similar to privately-launched coins like bitcoin but have backing of…

Crypto Markets News from John Lothian News – May 17, 2018 Standard

crypto markets update 2

SEC Tries to Scam ICO Investors to Show Them How Easy It Is Matt Robinson – Bloomberg Agency sets up a fake ICO to warn investors about the risks; Regulator has repeatedly warned investors of fraud in ICOs A hot new initial coin offering gives investors the chance of a lifetime to make money from sun-soaked beaches and crystal-clear waters. It also provides something even more valuable: advice on how to avoid getting ripped off by fraudulent ICOs. / Devvio Blockchain First to Surpass Millions of Transactions per Second The Merkle Devvio, a pioneer in blockchain protocols (, today announced…

SEC Tries to Scam ICO Investors to Show Them How Easy It Is Standard

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First Read Hits & Takes JLN Staff CME Group is launching Eurodollar Term Mid-Curve Options on June 11, 2018.~JJL The electric car market is for real. The London Metal Exchange announced it will launch contracts on lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite and manganese, all battery-related components. The IEA forecasted 9 million to 20 million electric vehicles by 2020 and 40 million to 70 million by 2025.~JK Martin Jetter, Barbara Lambert and Joachim Nagel joined the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse in an expansion of the number on the board from 12 to 16. These new members were elected for three outgoing…

Why Germans Are Getting Fed Up with America Standard

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First Read Notes from Consensus 2018 – Day 2 Chuck Mackie – John Lothian News As expected, Day 2 of Coindesk‘s Consensus conference lacked some of the energy and fireworks of the first day but it did manage to defy what seems to be a law of nature: fewer people in attendance at the second day of an industry event when compared to the first. In this case, Coindesk announced that total registration ticked up to over 8,500 and it was definitely harder to fight the lines for lunch on the second day compared to the first. Somehow I survived….

CFTC Official Urges SEC to Clarify Ether’s Status Standard


First Read Notes from Day One at Consensus Chuck Mackie – JLN If you had any doubts about the swelling surge of interest in cryptoassets, you only had to try and check in to Coindesk’s Consensus conference in midtown Manhattan around mid-morning on Monday. The line snaked its way back and forth through the 2nd floor lobby, down the escalator and out of the front door of the hotel, and it took up to two-and-a-half hours for the reported 7,700 attendees to check in for the event. Consensus began four years ago with 500 true believers in attendance, grew to…

Mexico Takes First Steps in Annual Oil Hedging Program Standard

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Observations & Insight The Options Industry Leader Series 2018 – Nasdaq’s Kevin Kennedy Brought to you by the OCC In this video from the 36th annual Options Industry Conference in Amelia Island, Fla., Kevin Kennedy, Nasdaq senior vice president and head of U.S. options, talks about how the industry weathered low volatility, Nasdaq’s proprietary product suite and capital requirement issues. Watch the video here » ++++++ Ibbo’s Kilt Challenge By Mark Ibbotson I am wearing a kilt to the IDX 2018 Gala for Futures for Kids because I believe in this charity’s mission! Each year, FIA hosts the IDX Gala…

Michael Bloomberg Slams ‘Epidemic’ Of Political Lies As Danger To Democracy Standard

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First Read Ibbo’s Kilt Challenge By Mark Ibbotson I am wearing a kilt to the IDX 2018 Gala for Futures for Kids because I believe in this charity’s mission! Each year, FIA hosts the IDX Gala in aid of Futures for Kids, an organization that raises funds on behalf of the futures and options industry for charities that strive to provide better lives and futures for children internationally. Over the last nine years, the IDX Gala has raised more than £1.4 million for Futures for Kids, including through the Kilt Challenge. Since 2010, various giants from the futures industry (to…

VIX Quirk Caused by Liquidity Shortage, Not Rigging, Cboe Says Standard

Observations & Insight SIX Turns 10: SIX’s Urs Rüegsegger Says the Vertical Model and Interoperability Works Ten years ago, SIX Group was formed in a merger between SWX Group, Telekurs Group and SIS Group, creating a new vertical business model. Urs Rüegsegger, chairman of SIX Swiss Exchange, helped lead that transition and growth as CEO of the exchange for nine years before stepping down last December. JLN’s Jim Kharouf sat down with Rüegsegger at the WFE’s IOMA Conference in Chicago to talk about how SIX and its clearing business has grown over the past decade. Watch the video and…