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DB1’s Ankur Kamalia: Fintech Venture Capital Is All About Collaboration

Deutsche Boerse started DB1 Ventures about 2 ½ years ago with the goal of finding new fintech firms that complement the exchange’s wide-ranging technologies but also show potential to grow well beyond that. Ankur Kamalia, managing director, head of venture portfolio management at DB1 Ventures, said his group is looking at everything from post-trade to new trading platforms to regtech firms.

“We wanted to start DB1 to take on investments outside Deutsche Boerse Group and with the desire to be much more aligned with the product, design and innovation strategy going forward,” Kamalia said.

He added that DB1 believes a more collaborative approach to fintech will continue to grow in the coming years because the only way to make progress in areas like market infrastructure – a highly regulated space – is to work cooperatively with large incumbent firms.

“As many of the technology firms have raised a meaningful amount of capital, you’ve seen an environment where collaboration becomes a lot more relevant…especially when it comes down to infrastructure,” he said. “We’re partnering with many firms in our client base – banks as well as buy side firms – and are jointly looking at investment opportunities. This is an ecosystem and doesn’t work in isolation always.”

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Interview by Jim Kharouf

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