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LME Working To Get Exchange Structure Right

“I think we have to be honest that no market structure is going to be the optimal solution for all of its customers. No exchange is in a position where it doesn’t have these open questions. But we probably have more open questions than most at the moment.”

The London Metal Exchange and its newly minted CEO Matt Chamberlain spent the first part of 2017 implementing all sorts of admittedly stressful updates and revamps to its trading technology. Now, Chamberlain’s task is to adapt the exchange’s structure for the 21st century. The LME released a discussion paper earlier in the year. Once all of the responses to that document have been considered, the exchange will make a decision about its structure and focus on getting the buy-in of its customers.  

While all of this is going on, Chamberlain and the exchange are making the final preparations for the July 10 launch of LMEprecious, the LME’s attempt to tap into London’s thriving OTC precious market with daily and monthly gold and silver futures contracts.

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