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FinTech Exchange: Clay on Innovating During CBOE’s Corporate “Middle Age”

Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity when he was 36. Vincent van Gogh painted Starry Night when he was 36, and Mozart wrote 626 works before dying one month before turning 36. The CBOE turned 44 in April.

In that context, Catherine Clay, CBOE’s vice president of integration strategy and operations, addressed how a company that has reached middle age continues to reinvent itself.

For her, two keys are process and partners. By process, Clay refers to the CBOE’s weekly software release cycle which begins each Sunday.

“The weekly release schedule that is gospel not only gets new changes out the door quickly to our clients, but more importantly, it derisks the entire software development cycle.” she said. 

The other important aspect of staying nimble is choosing good partners. Clay discussed the benefits gained from investing in CBOE Vest and Tradelegs, as well as the wealth of knowledge and technology that the Bats deal represents. 

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