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The Black Swan – the new symbol of the United States of America


Yah baby, Yah! Dodd-Frank, gone. Clearing mandate, gone. Regulations, gone. Low interest rates, no problem. Volcker Rule, gone. Volatility, you bet. Bullish on the exchange sector, you bet.

The American voters just unleashed the greatest gift on the world of trading we could have ever asked for. We will now have volatility at all times of the day and night. Binary contracts just became a big thing.

Forget about market direction. You better learn to trade volatility. We just made the Black Swan the new symbol of the United State of America. Goodbye Eagle.

You want some Twitter rants at 3 AM to rile the markets? You got it. You want an unpredictable press conference? You got it. Changing everything will be on the table as the powers behind Trump are on the table.

Donald Trump being elected President of the United States is the volatility gift that will keep on giving.

My only fear is that he will not become president. He still has to get elected by the Electoral College, which tends to be filled with the people who represent the establishment that he just overcame in the vote.

The fact that Hillary is leading in the popular vote may give some of them pause, and the reason to consider not installing Trump in the White House. Only time, and a lot of volatility, will tell.

You might think I am for a President Trump. You are wrong. You might think I am for volatility. Well, yes and no. Not this kind. I love the Eagle, but you’d better learn to respect the Black Swan.

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