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Sweet 16: The Tops for 2016

At last fall’s FIA Expo Chicago, John Lothian News partnered with Cinnober Financial Technology to  bring you industry conversations, where we conduct short interviews with industry participants on the important topics facing the financial markets.

The 2015 theme is “Sweet 16: The Tops For 2016.” What technology, regulation, exchange or macroeconomic issue or trend will be most important to our industry next year? We will take the 16 best ideas and thoughts and package them in a John Lothian News video series. Here is what our participants had to say:

Though  the initial idea of the series was to take the top 16 ideas, this proved to be more difficult than we expected, as we had almost 40 solid, insightful answers to chose from.

So we decided to publish what we call “honorable mentions” to the Sweet Sixteen series, though as you will see, the contributions are, in many cases, every bit as relevant as those published in the first round.

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Doug Ashburn is a former editor-at-large of John Lothian News. He left in late 2016 and is now the managing editor of T3 Custom.