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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Five Minutes with Bryce Engel Standard

Bryce Engel

Bryce Engel is president and chief operating officer at Penson Worldwide, Inc., a post he took in June 2009. Prior to joining Penson, Engel served as senior vice president with TD Ameritrade, overseeing retail client services and support, institutional and clearing operations. He spoke with Jim Kharouf, editor-in-chief of JLN about his 13 years at TD Ameritrade, Penson’s plan to shed oversees business and concentrate on North America, as well as plans to introduce managed futures. Q: How did you get started in the financial services industry? A: I started with TD Ameritrade before there was a TD or an…

Five Minutes with Keizo Goto Standard

Keizo Goto is the senior managing director of the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ), a self-regulatory organization with jurisdiction over derivatives, financial futures as well as on- and off-exchange margin FX trade and options. He sat down with JLN’s Jessica Titlebaum to discuss the association’s mission, Japanese market reform and regulatory changes in the FX markets. Q: Could you tell me about the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ)? A: It was established as a public service corporation, which was a legal non-profit organization for the benefit of the public, when the Financial Futures Trading Law (FTTL) was enacted…

Lauren Teigland-Hunt – Teigland-Hunt LLP Standard

Lauren Teigland-Hunt is managing director of Teigland-Hunt LLP, a law firm based in New York which focuses on U.S. commodities law and regulation. She advises financial institutions and buy side firms on regulatory issues related to derivative transactions and acts as counsel to several ISDA drafting committees. John Lothian News Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf spoke with Teigland-Hunt about documentation standards for cleared swap transactions (Section 731 of the Dodd-Frank Act), the FCM “agency model” imposed by sections 723 and 724 of the Dodd-Frank Act, and the first iteration of a standard execution agreement for cleared swaps, released by FIA and ISDA in June 2011.

Alice Botis – Fidessa Standard

Alice Botis

Alice Botis‘ experience spans from being the first female NASDAQ market maker to heading up Latin American business development for Fidessa. She sat down with John Lothian News editor Jessica Titlebaum to discuss the high frequency trading environment in Latin America, how the MILA initiative (otherwise known as the Integrated Latin American Market) is impacting growth in the region and how the industry has changed for women in this global marketplace.

Five Minutes with Interactive Data 7ticks Standard

Interactive Data 7ticks

It’s been almost two years since Interactive Data Corporation acquired 7ticks in a strategic move that allowed the market data providers to move into the ultra-low high frequency trading realm. With the businesses more integrated, MarketsWiki’s Jessica Titlebaum sat down with Emmanuel Doe, president of the Trading Solutions Group at Interactive Data, and Joe Bigane, the managing director of Interactive Data 7ticks, at the Futures Industry Association’s annual Expo, to discuss how their services have evolved with the changing industry, what trends they see from client requests and where efficiency efforts should be focused. Q: How have changes in the…

Dear Mr. Chilton Standard

John Lothian

Commissioner Bart Chilton says, in defense of position limits that: While I’d have an even tougher rule in many respects if I were the only author, this is nonetheless a very strong, needed and imperative rule to ensure more efficient and effective markets devoid of fraud, abuse and importantly, manipulation. This rule balances the needs of consumers and market participants alike. Dear Mr. Chilton: While you think that the position limits rule will ensure more efficient and effective markets “devoid of fraud, abuse and importantly, manipulation,” you are DEAD WRONG.  We have long had laws outlawing murder (see the Ten…

Scoring Tuesday’s CFTC Open Meeting Standard

Doug Ashburn

Normally, one would not list CFTC meetings among top choices in televisual entertainment, but yesterday’s open meeting was a relatively raucous affair. The final rules on position limits, which required the cancellation of two prior meetings in order to give the commission extra time to hammer out the specifics, squeaked by on the narrowest of margins, clearly the result of some last-minute “horse-trading” back stage. A final rule covering derivative clearing organizations (DCOs), which also passed 3-2, was equally contentious. Additionally, the commission voted to extend the effective date for certain Dodd-Frank provisions until July 16, 2012. Commissioner Chilton quoted “Huggy Bear” from Starsky & Hutch. And,…

Occupy Movement is a Viral Social Media Phenomenon Standard

John Lothian

Last week I gave a speech at the Chicago Federal Reserve to the publications groups from the various Reserve Banks around the country. The speech was held in the LaSalle Room on the 3rd floor of the Chicago Fed Conference Center. The room faced LaSalle Street and I could hear the Occupy Chicago protestors behind me as I spoke. In my opening remarks I noted that the Occupy Chicago movement was using some of the oldest communications techniques around, including banging drums, playing horns and marching up and down.  I also noted that a quick look on the web showed…