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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Five Minutes with Scot Warren Standard

Scot Warren

Scot Warren is the managing director of equity index products at CME Group. After the successful launch of a new joint venture with the Dow Jones Index Business and the recently announced licensing agreement with the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) to launch volatility products, Warren sat down with MarketsWiki’s Jessica Titlebaum to discuss what’s driving their initiatives in the equity index space. Q. What does it mean to say one of your responsibilities is to globalize the equity index products? A: It is about making it relevant. One of the highest-level strategies we have in the equity index complex…

Interview – Adam Crown, CPM Group Standard

Chris McMahon, editor of the John Lothian Newsletter – Metals Edition, speaks with Adam Crown, executive vice president of metals consultancy CPM Group, about the possible imposition of position limits on the metals markets, changes to the gold trade and other precious metals issues. [Having trouble viewing? Click here] [Download audio]

Hearing is Believing Standard

John Lothian

Yesterday’s CFTC hearings on metals markets and position limits left me nonplussed.  Why were we there?  I heard no compelling argument for why there needed to be position limits.  Commissioner Chilton made some reference to protecting consumers.  That sounds to me a little like a conspiracy to keep metals prices low.  Forgive me, if conspiracy theories are contagious, I may have caught something yesterday. I did greatly appreciate the opportunity to testify at the hearing.  Chairman Gensler again had difficulty with my name, but was quickly prompted and got it right.  Commissioner Dunn (with 2 Ns), told the story about…

Song? A Golden Voice Standard

John Lothian

In light of my CFTC metals testimony yesterday and with a wink to country music artist Tim McGraw, here are the lyrics of a song I call “Golden Voice”: Fort Knox Stores it King Midas Touched it The Magi Presented it Thomas More made fun of it Skeptics bit it Alchemists tried to make it The Forty-Niners Rushed it

John Lothian Written CFTC Hearing Testimony on Metals Position Limits Standard

Hello. I am very pleased to have been asked by the Commission to testify at this hearing. I am the president & CEO of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., a market focused new media firm and Commodity Trading Advisor. In addition to being a CTA, I am a futures broker. In the latter, I am president of the Electronic Trading Division of The Price Futures Group, Inc., a Chicago-based Introducing Broker. I am here representing my own views. At my last visit to the Commission, I noted that futures markets have two primary functions; price discovery and risk transfer….

Commentary: March 16, 2010 Standard

In a story today (See top story in Leads – Senate climate bill to set utility cap-trade: senator) which featured an anonymous US Senator, Reuters reported that the current Senate bill being worked on will include carbon cap-and-trade for the utility sector only. We can narrow down the list of possible sources here to 50, of course, but the fact that this Senator did not have the gumption to be named in the short piece shows just how politically charged this issue has become in Washington. In the interest of special interests and political pandering, Washington is now angling for the…

Five Minutes With Jill Sommers Standard

Jill Sommers

Commissioner Jill E. Sommers is serving her second term at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). She sat down with JLN’s Jessica Titlebaum at the Futures Industry Association’s (FIA) International Boca conference to discuss her career path, the current issues coming across her desk and her opinion of Bart Chilton’s remarks on the Exchange of Futures for Futures (EFF) controversy. Q: How did you get on your current career path? A: My senior year of college I moved to Washington D.C. and worked for Senator Bob Dole. He was a senior member of the Agriculture Committee, which has oversight over…