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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Commentary: September 28, 2009 Standard

Another nice piece by Paul Krugman Sunday in the New York Times in today’s Lead Stories. I was at a cancer fund raiser this past weekend and got into a discussion with a two guests about global warming and cap-and-trade. One said he didn’t believe in global warming – that somehow CO2 is a natural phenomenon that comes from volcanos and other sources. He didn’t let me finish my argument that it also comes from digging up and burning coal and other fossil fuels. The other person said he didn’t like cap-and-trade becuase it’d raise his restaurant’s energy bills substantially…

Capstone Global Markets Hosts Charity Day to Help 4-year Old Boy and Others Battling Batten Disease Standard

New Jersey Nets to join First Annual Event to Fight Incurable Pediatric Disease NEW YORK, September 21, 2009 – On October 1st, The First Annual Capstone Global Markets Charity Day will support research focused on finding a cure to Batten Disease, a rare but fatal neurodegenerative disorder affecting children. The boutique derivatives broker dealer has committed to donating 100% of its net commissions that day to The Jasper Against Batten Fund. The newly created annual event is part of Capstone’s commitment to giving back to the global community regardless of the macro financial environment. Every year, Capstone Global Markets will…

Five Minutes with Thomas Lewis Standard

Tom Lewis was named the new CEO of Green Exchange on Monday. He spoke with Jim Kharouf about bringing his experience as former CEO of Ameritrade and Automated Power Exchange Inc. (APX) to the exchange. Q: Green Exchange hasn’t had a CEO since its inception more than 18 months ago. How will you approach this job in terms of building an organization? A: I would hope that we all look at this as a new day. Green Exchange was originally formed under the DCM of NYMEX and operates as a limited venture using NYMEX’s technology platform in partnership with a…

Chilton Calls for Lower Manipulation Standard in Commodity Cases Standard

John Lothian

“The time has come to ease the burden on our prosecutors, and to better protect consumers and markets” CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton In a speech before the Institutional Investors Carbon Forum here today, Commissioner Bart Chilton of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission called for a unprecedented change in the legal standard required to prove manipulation cases in commodity futures cases. Chilton, citing the high burdens on prosecutors and the resulting dismal record of successful manipulation cases, called for a shift to an “easier to prove” legal standard. In support of his position, Chilton cited the fact that, in its 35-year…

Cultural Differences Standard

After traveling to London and then attending the Swiss Futures & Options Association conference in Interlaken last week, one thing is clear from Europe. They have their attention on the United States and what may be coming from Congress regarding climate change. But what is also apparent from the discussion on the carbon market and sustainable investment is that there is a misunderstanding about what President Obama can do, and what legislators will likely do. Some panalists at Interlaken said it was a good sign that Obama has verbally committed to climate change policy. But what is often misunderstood outside…

Green Exchange – marks a date Standard

In the day after Green Exchange’s subtle move back into the carbon market with an announced three-month fee waiver, we took a look at volume on day one – September 2.The exchange posted volumes of 257 In Delivery Month EUA contracts on September 2 and five RGGI contracts. No volume on SOx and NOx contracts.Meanwhile, Chicago Climate Exchange posted volumes of 23,000 CFI contracts and Chicago Climate Futures Exchange posted volumes of 14,210 RGGI contracts, 1,518 SFI contracts, 200 NFI-A contracts, 5 CCAR-CRT contracts and 40 NFI-OS contracts.This isn’t about pointing a finger at puny volumes by CME Group and…